Капсулы Лида

The Chinese know a lot about the mass struggle with excess weight. On the Russian market continually popping pills, capsules, powders and teas that, by the assurance of manufacturers from the East will quickly become the most harmonious and beautiful. First of all, buyers are attracted to what no effort to make this does not have to. Why forcibly deprive yourself of sweets and tormented their fat in the gym, if there are drugs that suppress appetite? And to think in advance about the consequences we, sorry, not desire. Take, for example, capsule Lida slimming. What to expect revolutionary weight loss or ruined health?

Composition and application instructions

The company Gave, if you believe the instructions to create Lida capsules used only natural components are extracts of the plants that are known for their beneficial effects on the process of losing weight:

  • sheet Indian Lotus slows down the aging process and eliminates fatigue. Widely known in Chinese herbal medicine as a means to combat obesity and reduction in blood lipids;
  • Cassia seeds of Torah have a tonic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, anti-inflammatory agent. The component also helps normalize blood pressure, to cleanse the liver, to reduce quantity of harmful cholesterol in the blood;
  • rhizome частухи подорожниковой accelerates fatty liver metabolism, activates the process of disintegration of fats, reduces the production And acetylcholine is the main culprit for the formation of plaque.

The manufacturer warns that bioadditive safe only if strictly adhere to the recommended regimens. The drug is taken once a day one capsule, not more, and certainly washed down with a glass of warm water. The duration of the weight loss rate is 30 days. After that, you either make a break, or continue to receive a means for fixing the achieved result, but already one capsule twice a day.

It is important to consider that the effectiveness of tablets Lida is reduced to zero, if you will be parallel to drink alcoholic drinks (even alcoholic and a small amount). But adding to your diet green tea and caffeine-based beverages, you can achieve the desired result quickly.

The Chinese tablets Lida, as with any dietary Supplements are the contraindications. Among them – the individual intolerance of components, to the age of 16 and over 65 years of age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, the presence of cardiovascular disease, stroke in history.

The whole truth about the Lida – in comments

Irina, 35 years. Believe me, I know what I say. Drug Lida is a regular drugs or stimulants. Let’s think straight. Declared the supplements fiber of all kinds of plants, which are known as safe burning off fat. But! Try to open one capsule? See there vegetable fiber? No, only the homogeneous white powder without any smell. Already one this should be of reasonable suspicion that the manufacturer used a chemistry – natural raw materials must at least something to smell. Now try powder, and language instantly numb. Don’t these plants produce such an effect? Perhaps I’m not a biologist, but I doubt it. But with such numbness, you may encounter when taking certain psychotropic and neurotropic substances. However, the latter was no impact on the appetite can not provide. And once with Lida not want to eat quite, but it invigorates what is called a «dead», do the logical conclusion that the tablets psychotropic. Perhaps there sibutramine, perhaps something more serious.

Olga, 26 years old. With Lida slimming «sweet» not call. For the week dropped 3 kg, but there are persistent dizziness and nausea. And even heart is ready to literally break out of the chest – beating just hilarious. However, I wanted to achieve a result, and I take two capsules a day. Probably it is necessary to reduce the dosage.

Valentina, 29 years. Took Lida only a week at more than I lacked. The condition was unknown, strange and unpleasant – initially terribly dizzy, wobbly, mouth dry so that the saw liters of water. There are really not wanted. After just a couple of days everything has changed – despite the «voluntary» hunger strike, in the morning I felt a surge of strength and was as got – here, there ran doing several things at once. Even she began writing poems. At that moment I thought that I woke up genius, now read it and laugh – bullshit. Seven days I lost 8 kg and realized that ENOUGH to KILL HIMSELF!

Amin, 30 years. A couple of years ago tearfully implored her husband to bring me Lida. With hands we take afraid, and here spouse just a business trip to China. Three days later he told me right over the phone made a «debriefing» and called addict. His business partners consulted about this opinion. For them it means no one is drinking. Capsule-he immediately bought (at home packing for our money’s worth two hundred roubles), and then gave a native speaker read the statement. Don’t know who we are so «successfully» transfers, but it turns out there’s a part of EPHEDRINE 12 %! Hence full loss of appetite, dry mouth, cheerfulness and furious activity. In General, souvenir slimming I have from my husband did not wait, and the glory of God.

Ksyusha, 22 years. Last week was hospitalized my unfortunate friend – sacrifice glamorous beauty. She dreamed of model appearance, but… overdid it, to put it mildly. I tried to persuade her to sit down with me on a diet, but she wanted to become a beautiful here and now. Although the growth of 165 cm and weight of 57 kg, she seemed like nothing. At first everything was normal nausea and dry mouth she did not feel, eat almost not like. But it was strange. Like such a dynamic, giggling, and ask her some question – «blunt» begins, can’t the brains to collect in a heap. Three weeks girlfriend dumped 7 kg, and then her mother put her in the hospital where she stripped off her another 3 kg. Now its 44 kg is not achieved the ultimate dream, and the direct road to the arduous treatment. She was diagnosed with dystrophy. Now think, whether it’s. I now even their diet threw better let everything remain as it is.

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