Well-groomed skin of the feet is the key to health and beauty of women’s legs. Procedures for moisturizing and softening the skin needs to be regular, the only way to achieve perfectly groomed heels.

Special care requires dry skin of the feet is prone to cracks. In addition to conventional treatments such as baths, exfoliation, exfoliating treatments, you need to choose the right shoes. Best of all this will help knitted ugg boots to buy which is not difficult. They do not adversely effect on the heel, as for example, flip flops that hit on my heels and lead to the formation of blisters.

Treatments for feet skin care


The most important step to prevent cracks and calluses on the heels. For a moisturizing Foundation, you can take creams which contain large amounts of oil or urea. These ingredients help to retain moisture in the skin and increase its elasticity.


Affects the skin of the feet on a deep level. Treatments with nutrients, promote regeneration of skin and prevent skin dryness.
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The foot mask can be made independently based on the most common tools with rich content of vitamins and nutrients. For example, it helps to cope with skin dryness and effectively exfoliates heels mask of sour cream and sorrel. Sour cream nourishes the skin with moisture and nourishes it, and oxalic acid contributes to the careful removal of the stratum corneum.


A warm bath with nourishing ingredients coupled with exfoliation and mask will give your feet healthy and softens the skin.

Proved to be excellent bath with chamomile extract. It soothes the skin, reduces inflammation, eliminates unpleasant odors.
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The essence of the procedure is very simple. In five liters of water add two cups of chamomile tea. It can be done in a water bath or brew in a thermos. Lowering the feet warm, but in any case not in hot water. After the procedure you need to wipe your feet with a towel and apply moisturizing foot cream.


The essence exfoliation is the removal of the skin from the feet of dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes.

Scrub should not be too hard, especially if there is damage to the skin
At home you can prepare an effective means with ground coffee, olive oil and moisturizer.
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To make the feet look nice, you need to apply the entire set of procedures throughout the year, because each season on legs affected by different irritants, affecting the delicate skin. The only way to achieve the desired result.

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