In nail services include treatments for hands, nails, feet, briefly consider their favor.

Hand care
Ухаживаем за ногами и руками правильно
To handle were velvet, follow these tips:
Wash them with cool water, wipe the skin with a brush. So will remove dirt, removes dead cells. Take vitamins for the skinthat will contribute to extend the beauty of your hands.

Before cleaning around the house wear rubber gloves. Every day on the pens nano-sieve the following cream: in the morning – moisturizing, day – protective, in the evening – nutritious.

In the evening, do massage and not only on tired arms. Elbow skin should be washed with a stiff brush, pumice, putting them on every day fat cream.

Foot care

Feet should be washed every day warm vodopia how to go to bed, massage across the foot brush. With rough skin, cracked, before going to sleep take a bath with baking soda: 1 tsp soda, soap solution, add 1 liter of water.

Get rid of corns will be as follows: asprivate feet approximately half an hour, on your toes, apply lemon rind with pulp and tie a bandage. Leave on all night. Procedure carry out within 5 days. In order for the nails and hands always looked well-groomed, every two weeks do a manicure at the beauty salon. There are many kinds of manicure, choose more suitable for you.

Classic (cut) pedicure
Ухаживаем за ногами и руками правильно2
It is suitable for those who have coarse and thick cuticle. It removes the sharp manicure scissors or metal tweezers. European (non-pruned)Suitable for women with thin and delicate hands. The cuticle is removed by a special tool that gently dissolves the cuticle. Also in the salon is useful to do a pedicure (especially in summer) which decorate the nails, remove or smooth out calluses due to peeling skin on the feet becomes softer.

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