Hands and nails are very important. Often from the appearance of hands and nails is judged on the person. And if they look sloppy, very few people want to contact such a person. Therefore, take care of your hands and to monitor the condition of the nails you need.
Уход за руками и ногтями2
To maintain optimal normal skin of the hands and nails need to use all sorts of creams and masks for hands and nails. To do manicure. For spicy effect can be done on the small hand tattoo. Care of hands and nails, you can use traditional recipes. For example: coarse and rough skin will disappear, if we apply the baths on the basis of whey, then use a thick cream. To do this procedure twice a week. You can do a bath of glycerol (1 tbsp) and ammonia ( CL). with the addition of warm water. When heavy sweating hands to use a solution of sea salt. To keep hands 20 – 25 minutes a day. The duration of approximately two weeks.
To avoid burrs, you should always wipe dry hands.

For nails to use warm vegetable oil. Lower the fingers in warm oil for 5 to 7 minutes. To be done twice a week.
It is also worth remembering that the use of tools for removal of varnish which include acetone, strongly dries the nail plate.
A lot depends on the supply and use of vitamins. So, if the body is deficient in calcium, iodine, silicon and other minerals nails become brittle, break and exfoliate. Therefore, the diet should include milk products, vegetables. To strengthen nails will help the lemon juice. Take a small piece and RUB them nails. To strengthen use various means to strengthen nails, which can be purchased at a drugstore or cosmetic stores.
Уход за руками и ногтями3
Remember the beauty of the hands and nails of success.

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