Female hands and nails require systematic care, this means not only cleaning and varnishing, but other steps, after which hands will attract outraged glances and please their mistress.
Уход за руками и ногтями4
On manicured fingers look great as rings of gold, and inexpensive jewelry, so you should try and make your hands and nails beautiful, especially since it is not very difficult. If the care of hands to take over the rule, then it will become a good habit.Women’s fashion magazine will help you to choose stylish jewelry.

First we need to learn to treat the hands carefully and protect them from the many adverse factors, wind, and cold, hard water, chemical compounds included in the composition of detergents for washing. In the cold season must wear mittens or gloves, and in the warmer months to use moisturizing cream, putting it on the nail. The cream protects the nail plate and can moisturize the cuticle. If the skin is very weathered on the night to put a lot of fatty cream and put on a special fabric gloves, in the morning your skin will look better. Before washing dishes or other household chores associated with detergents need to wear gloves, because harmful substances very dry skin and adversely affect the nails, the latter begin to exfoliate, purify and break down.
Уход за руками и ногтями3
Do not forget that beauty nail provides calcium, and its lack of effect on the nails is not the best way. For saturation of calcium will activate the menu products such as: fresh cheese, vegetables, yogurt, cauliflower, greens, seafood, oranges, lemons and dried fruits. The effect of the use of vitamins will not develop immediately, but after some time, the nail will be greatly strengthened.
Уход за руками и ногтями2
To pamper our nails, you can use the recipe oil baths with the use of castor or olive oil, after heating it, should be put there hands and hold for some time, the oil perfectly nourishes nails and softens cuticles and hands will look like after the SPA.

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