Frequent stress, poor diet, rehabilitation after illness deal a major blow to the nails, making them brittle and fragile. One for such strengthening of the nail plate is not enough, she needs elasticity. Magic bullet that can instantly provide marigolds health, does not exist. For beauty you need to fight hard, using a range of measures.
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Professional salon treatments can be qualitative only with the use of safe materials. Means for nails CND allow not only to protect their nails, but also look incredibly impressive. One of the latest developments of the Corporation has become a tool that combines gel and traditional nail Polish, known as the shelak.

For brittle nails shelak was an interesting solution to the problem. He looks great for two weeks, does not require much effort to care, easy to remove without damaging the nail plate. The coating does not cover her oxygen and protects against mechanical damage.
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Brittle nail requires regular hydration, so its surface as often as possible to apply vaseline, olive oil or jojoba oil. Improve care product combine with the wearing of cotton gloves. You should refrain from contact with any substance that could dry the skin and nail plate. Fall under the ban of the polishes with formaldehyde, products containing acetone, household chemicals. To combat the problem often recommended to do a fifteen minute baths with sea salt and one or two drops of iodine. After the bath the nails promahivaetsya towel and soften any natural oil with a light texture.
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In addition to direct suppression of unpleasant symptom should find out and cause problems. Wrong thyroid gland or adrenal glands, liver disease and even diabetes give yourself primarily nail brittleness. Often, treatment of illness, to restore health and the nail plate. As prophylaxis, especially in winter and spring, you need to eat foods high in vitamins or take appropriate vitamin complexes. Regular consumption of homemade jelly, needed to return to the flexibility of the joints, provides weak nails strength, elasticity.

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