To care for your nails is very important, they, like the cover letter, and, like everything else in our body, require some care, it does not necessarily need to go to the salon and spend a lot of money, you can also pamper your nails at home, spending a minimum amount.
Beauty salons use complex techniques to improve the appearance of not only nails, but that simultaneously improve the appearance of Your hands. Such programs are developed for different categories of customers. You can also use these methods, you simply type in the search engine of the Internet: a program for beauty download.
Ухаживаем за ногтями правильно
First of all, moisturize your hands, this is the most important factor when we talk about health and beauty of your nails. You should apply a moisturizer on your hands, this will help the skin around the nail to look healthy.

The next point is the filing of the nail. Need to file regularly, goals, and they will grow very long.To give your nails a finished look can be applied on top of the lacquer, but in order to preserve the natural color of the nail need to first apply a special layer that protects the nail from damage that can lead to enamel when used nail right on the nail.
Ухаживаем за ногтями правильно
Such a primer you can purchase a specialty store that sells products for beauty salons. Be careful, as the base coat is not just a clear gloss, as its composition is not uniform and has nutrients.

The next stage of nail care is a circumcision of the cuticle. If you do not know how to do this, apply a little cream for the cuticles and using sticks to the cuticle, push it over.
Ухаживаем за ногтями правильно
Once a month can go to a beauty salon to get a massage of the hands and feet, and if it’s possible to make peeling. If you can’t go to the beauty salon, the peeling can be done at home.

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