How to stay young? Over time this issue comes almost all women. You start to try different creams to try somewhere, something to read and learn. And yet, how to care for your hands to their youth stayed longer.
Need proper care. This requires not only the cosmetics of the leading manufacturers, as well as natural home, and of course following some tips, which will be described later.
Забота о коже рук2
Hands need constant nutrition and hydration, so you can use the appropriate creams. How to use them will tell you the instructions on the package. In addition, you can resort to folk remedies. For example, if hands are weathered and become rough and coarse, you can make a mask:

- mix equal parts of honey with butter and add a little glycerine. Apply to the skin. You must use special gloves. How to keep you will feel it yourself, the skin will absorb much needed, rest, rinse with warm water. By the way, glycerin can be replaced, essential oils (chamomile, sage, mint – have a calming effect).

You must clean your hands with dead skin cells through exfoliation. There are ready-made scrubs for hands, but you can make your. Abrasive substances you can use drunk (natural ground) coffee, or salt fine grind. The Foundation will serve as an ordinary children’s cream, you can take the sour cream. Mix, apply at night on hands after wash.
Забота о коже рук
It is necessary to protect the skin against aggressive detergents, especially designed for cleaning tubs, sinks and toilets. To work with gloves!
Don’t forget about the fact that the hands do not like large temperature differences, so in the winter from the comfort of a warm room into the street, do not forget to wear gloves.
Save your pens!

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