Nice and gentle hands I think almost all women. But today there are many different chemicals that can damage the skin and rasclaat nails.
Ухаживаем за кожей рук
There are many different treatments for the hands. In the shops there are a huge selection, but the majority of products imported from China. So to save you can order products from the website aliexpress. There are not only cosmetics, but also much more. When buying for a certain amount of offered coupons aliexpress an additional discount.

So what needs skin?

First, you need to limit all contact of the skin with various chemicals. When any cleaning and washing dishes use an ordinary rubber gloves.

Secondly, watch your health. It is not operating the power leads to improper metabolism. Because of this begin to delaminate nails. The body with the necessary vitamins and calcium. You can buy in the pharmacy of various food additives and substances with the addition of yeast.
Thirdly, the skin needs to be strengthened. Spoil them twice a week bath of sea salt and iodine. It is also recommended to do daily massage.

Pledge of beautiful pens is a high quality manicure. Nails should not be cut, they should just grind the nail. Cuticle needs time in the day to push a special wand that they are not growing on the nail plate. Remember, they want to give the rest of the varnishes. Better sometimes to use transparent varnish treatment.
Ухаживаем за кожей рук3
Do not forget to always use a nourishing and protective hand creams. Use special oils and baths of various herbs.
Strengthen and nourish the skin, keep cuticles and nails, and the result will not make you wait long.

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