Carlo PazoliniCarlo Pazolini is not the name of the designer, how can one think about it, hearing the beautiful Italian name. Is the international brand which is established in Russia, with offices in four countries, products manufactures also in different parts of the world, but has a stylish Italian face. Truly a product of globalization, which consumers can have different opinions, but the fact remains – Carlo Pazolini recognizable brand, which successfully works in the market of accessories not just one or two years.


Origin of the brand

Carlo PazoliniThe company was founded in 1990 by Russian businessman. Currently, the brand is one of the largest footwear producers of high-price category, but beyond that, releases and other accessories: bags, purses, belts, scarves. Products Carlo Pazolini is focused on women and men. Brand launches ежесезонные collection, whose design is made in accordance with the latest trends of the season.

Inconsistency of the image Carlo Pazolini is connected with the origin of the brand and locations of points of accessories production. The name of this brand causes persistent Association with Italy, which all over the world for many years is the country with the strongest traditions of production of high-quality boots, shoes, bags and other leather accessories.

Carlo Pazolini trademark is registered in Italy (and later in Russia and other countries) and at the dawn of its formation, production of accessories with this label was located only in Italy. Soon products started being produced in Russia, and in ten years it accounted for more than 70% of production volume Carlo Pazolini. The crisis of the late nineties and the difficult economic situation подорожавшим the primary raw material resulted in production had to be exported from Russia and move to China, which is always valued famous (including Italian) fashion designers for cheapness.

Experts say that there is nothing surprising and terrible, the more that today the accessories of this brand are successfully sold not only in Russia. With the beginning of the franchising program running the supervision of Carlo Pazolini in 2004, expanded the representation of the retail network, and thanks to that the products of this brand can buy inhabitants of Milan, new York, London and other world cities with the most demanding clientele.


Product line

Carlo PazoliniEach new season in the catalogue of production Carlo Pazolini appears no less than one thousand items, among which is a leader, of course, shoes.

The brand products are predominantly young and active men and women who accessories appreciate fashionable component, but refuse from frivolous motives and Paphos, preferring the comfort and elegance. Design bags and footwear observed attraction to the classical forms and colors. For example, in the autumn-winter collections of Carlo Pazolini’s always a lot of practical black, there are warm colors, which are always impressive look combined with a chamois leather, metallized leather and fashionable glossy surface. Spring-summer collection of shoes from the Carlo Pazolini is the abundance of contrasting color combinations, which, thanks to the concise design and lack of unnecessary decorative elements easily complement the closet of a business woman.

Men’s footwear collections also distinguished classical direction, but without a stop at the triviality. A young man who follows the fashion trends in accessories, the catalogue of stamps will find moccasins or business shoes with крокодиловым print, in the bright blue or unexpected shade of coral.

Clear lines, strict design, spaciousness, classical forms – it’s all about the bags from the collection of Carlo Pazolini. The brand represents a wide range of models for women who appreciate elegant style and comfort in accessories, emergency frivolity and ready to make a bag for its fashionable investment for a long time.

Similarly to the best Italian houses, Carlo Pazolini offers its customers complete your image accessories such as leather belts and bright silk scarves-caret. Due to the fact that all products for a season, is made in unified style, will not be difficult to find shoes bag, purse strap and stylish feminine handkerchief.

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