касторовое масло для бровейCastor oil for eyebrows is not one decade. Many women enthusiastically share with their friends miraculous properties of this oil, which helped them to grow eyebrows and restore their health so as not helped in ready luxury cosmetics. Properties of this oil already don’t need proof, it remains to clarify how best to apply it to your eyebrows and how it can help.


The benefits of castor oil

Castor oil is often called the “castor oil”. It is produced by first pressing the hot way from the seeds of castor ordinary. Almost completely castor oil consists of ricinoleic acid. Its properties and determine the effectiveness of the oil in the cosmetic industry and medicine. Especially well it is established for the growth and strengthening of eyebrows and eyelashes, which after a course of its use, not just better and grow faster, but are compacted in structure, strength, Shine and elasticity.

For eyelashes to use castor oil can, but sometimes this becomes problematic because of the eyes and irritation. For eyebrows to use it is very simple, but precautions must also be observed. Low price castor oil make it excellent therapeutic and prophylactic agent for eyebrows.


The use of castor oil for eyebrows

And in therapeutic and prophylactic uses of castor oil for eyebrows should not be used daily and long-term. His healing power can change to negative effects with irritation and allergic reaction due to oversaturation. Use it once or twice a day once or twice a week to prevent loss of eyebrows and a day as a remedy or for rapid regrowth of hairs.

Before applying castor oil on eyebrows definitely rinse off the face with cosmetics. Apply the oil can clean the brush with mascara or a cotton swab. No need to literally saturate eyebrows castor oil, they need to cover the thinnest layer, focusing during the procedure for rubbing into the skin. RUB the oil into the skin in the area of the eyebrows can a cotton swab or the tip of your finger. Drive carefully so as not to hurt and not to pull out the hairs, first by the growth of the eyebrows, and then in the opposite direction.

Apply castor oil on eyebrows can in the morning and evening, in the morning if you need to go out with makeup, put down the procedure for the evening and can leave castor oil at night.

If you put it on the brows a lot of oil, and it collapses drops, blot it, removing the excess, but leave all the texture with the hair. Be careful – don’t get oil on the cornea of the eye, the ciliary mucous edges and try not to spread the oil on the area of the upper eyelid. The skin is very thin, and this can cause irritation and allergic reaction.

Allergies and intolerances castor oil, alas, it is quite ordinary, because it is a natural product with a high concentration of ricinoleic acid.


Mixing with other oils

If for some reason you don’t want or can’t use for eyebrows pure castor oil, you can mix it with other vegetable oils using for the benefit of the eyebrows, their properties and reducing the potential danger of castor oil.

Castor oil can be mixed with burdock, olive, peach, almond, grape-seed oil – all they have proven themselves as an effective cosmetic ingredients and has long been used in various beauty treatments.

Castor oil for eyebrows, you can enter in nemyslenia compositions. If you are blonde and you have light eyebrows, you can mix the castor oil with a decoction of the flowers pharmacy chamomile. Calendula is an excellent antiseptic, relieves inflammation, so if you have sensitive skin, and you want to treat your eyebrows with the help of castor oil, try to mix it with the infusion or decoction of calendula.

During recovery eyebrows castor oil, try to refrain from aggressive treatments for them.

Ideally, to stop wearing makeup at all, and when the morning and evening washing to use mild products make-up remover and rubbing your face with a towel that can mechanically injure the hair.

The effect of the application of castor oil for eyebrows when used regularly noticeable after a week or two. After a month, the result will be more pronounced – you will notice not only the improvement of the eyebrows, but also increase their density and the density of hairs.

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