повседневные платьяMore and more women are choosing dresses, gradually filling in their own closet. And not only for the secular output, dresses increasingly are worn every day as a stock part. They put the work in the Institute, on the walk, cafe, restaurant, or without reason. Finally, it happened: casual dress won cozy niche in contemporary fashion and so far, fortunately, are not going to leave her.


Requirements to everyday dresses

The dress, designed for frequent wearing, there are special requirements on the quality, style, material. Such models should be very convenient to lead an active life, and endure washing, drying, Ironing. Natural materials, certainly, pleasant to wear, perfectly felt the skin, but to care for them seriously. Choose a dress with the obligatory presence of high-quality synthetic fiber, which will provide tissue abrasion resistance, stretching. They are easily washed in a regular mode and not have to worry that the model sit or полиняет.

Softness of the fabric and the pleasant feeling of the dress is an important factor when buying dresses for everyday wear. If something somewhere squeezing, massaging, scrapes, or take a different size, or leave dress someone more slender or ready to sacrifice for the sake of fashion.

Not need to buy a beautiful dress to lose weight under it – the process can take, and dress to be out of fashion or will lose relevance in connection with the change of season. Even at a very fat women, you can find a beautiful casual dress, so be careful to find not only on hangers, but in the Internet-stores – where you can find many options stylish clothes on non-standard figures.


Styles of casual dresses

  • Sheath dress

Classic elegance that cannot trends in fashion always you can carry it everywhere. At work this dress is perfect in itself, underlined elegant leather strap on a hoist and with the business jacket, shoes-boats. Cocktail option – sheath dress satin fabrics, combined with hairpins and flat клатчем. Outfit for a meeting with friends in a cafe: dress-case of viscose with ethnic or graphic prints with Roman sandals or sneakers-конверсами. For an evening stroll, take in a dress of fine knitwear, throwing top leather jacket-косуху or jacket of denim. Plain knitted model to create a lovely cosy image with a long spacious cardigan a contrasting color, you can wear on your feet Converses, слиперы or loafers.

  • Safari dress (dress shirt)

Favourite model tsenitelnits comfortable style in the summer. Model Safari combines the dress and shirt so looks pathetic. Dress shirt can be a great option for office, also it can be worn on vacation or in the city. In this model, a brightly expressed a desire for comfort, but there is no hint relaxation and levity that makes Safari dress multivariant thing that must always be in the base every woman’s wardrobe.

  • Dress with the smell of

Dress with the smell of fine knitwear, with adjustable waist width and V-neck врезом suitable for any shape. This model can also be adapted for more rigorous style, acquiring solid color dress made of thick material, and wear it at your leisure, or even at home – your model with a floral, graphic, ethnic print.

  • Dress in a cage

Cotton dress from the plaid fabric is casual in all its glory. Its not to wear to the office with a strict dress code, but it can be fun to walk around the city and meet friends. Checkered may be a dress shirt or dress with thin straps – everything has its time and chance. Dress-checked shirt worn by young girls with opaque tights, decorated monophonic wide belt and long massive beads.

  • Cotton dresses with floral print

A small flower hide figure flaws and gives the feeling of summer, allowing you to feel comfortable in the heat. Floral dress of thin cotton will be great base summer, you can wear them not only with sister them sandals, but sneakers (for more careless sports style), with окфордами (very британски), with sandals mary janes with a jumper on the rise (for retro-style).

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