повседневный макияж для серых глазGray eyes characteristic of warm and cold color type. This means that you can choose for themselves the appropriate range of makeup, depending on your individual complexion, and even depart from the established canons, trying on other images. Grey eyes very well adjusted to the selected range of makeup, they are able to adapt to the shade of eye shadow and eyeliner, discovering a one or the other shade. Everyday makeup for grey eyes must be very light, without sharp bold lines and contrasting color combinations.


Muted pastel tones of green and brown

Makeup grey eyes in the related muted shades of gray, green, brown without a hint of brightness and color accents is a classic for everyday makeup. Such colors and this style is suited to all holders of the gray eyes, it is only necessary to vary the shades depending on the coldness or warmth of color type. If you are blonde with honey highlights in her hair and warm skin tone, choose a range of shades with dominant or olive neutral gray and beige shades. If your hair is ashy, stop for more cool colors in gray and brown tones.

Apply the lid shade, distributing them evenly throughout your lifetime. Fingertips to blend the shadow color should be very few, the skin needs to stay the hue, hint of color, without sharp lines. A bit of the same color can be placed on the lower eyelid, holding the applicator on line lower lash. Take a pencil similar to the shadow of a shade of gray, taupe, dark khaki, and slide it soft line on the lower lash line. The upper eyelid can not touch. Blend slightly the liner, draining it with a hint of shadows. Eyelashes coat lengthening mascara, carefully following the separation.

Cheekbones can be left untouched, lip mark matte lipstick beige.


The innocence and romance of the pink and white shadow, long lashes

If you like nymphet image and you’re still not out of the period when you can fearlessly it to yourself to recreate, then try to make a beautiful light makeup in pink. Make sure that the tone was perfect, mask the pimples on the skin and dark circles under the eyes. The pink color is refreshing and perfectly suited to the grey eyes, but to avoid the effect of the patients eyes, apply it only on the upper eyelid.

After the complete smooth the face, including skin around the eyes, apply a matte eye shadows eyelids. Shadow color should not be bright eye-catching pink, choose neutral colors, powdered, mixed with beige. After applying on the lid, blend well.

Take gray pencil natural and swipe the arrow along the lash line first, above and beneath. Avoid push – arrow should not be evident. In the end, coat the lashes with mascara, also choosing not black, grey, which looks more natural and soft. Lips can be covered with translucent pink gloss or lipstick with moisturizing effect – they should be moist.


Warm contrast – expressive light brown

Warm shades of brown are great owners of gray eyes, if they are blondes warm color type. In this case, shades of beige or darker versions of the brown as an accent, help to make gray eyes more expressive and brighter. For everyday makeup is best to choose a matte shade. The liner for this makeup you will not need it, because that in itself is a contrast to the cold gray tone warm brown eyes are full of contrast, and supplementing it illuminating.

Apply on the eyelids primer to ensure a smooth superimposition means, lightly powder, and apply evenly over the upper eyelid brown shade. The finger tips blend shadow, short to the eyebrows, do not forget to label and lower eyelid, and immediately it is possible to paint eyelashes. If you want to make makeup more subdued, take a matte smoky brown eyeshadow and put a little color to line the upper lashes and gently blend upwards. Mixing with beige color. Coat lashes with volume mascara. Cheekbones emphasize peach blush, lip can be denoted by a creamy tint lipstick.

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