стиль кэжуал в одеждеStyle casual means casual. In principle, this interpretation of the English word “casual” is quite true, but many make the mistake of incorrectly understanding the word “casual” in the context of fashion and style. The casual style in clothing really puts in the forefront the convenience and practicality, eliminating the solemn, formal, too strict and classic items of clothing, but casual is not the casual wear, where you go at home or at the cottage.

T-shirt and jeans is casual, but the combination of seemingly simple and unassuming things looked really stylish and interesting, it is important to understand, by what principle should be to match the clothes in a casual style. Casual, in fact, it is a basic wardrobeconsisting of jeans, t-shirts, dresses, trousers, skirts and shirts. All these things are perfectly combined with each other, and with the right flow of images made up of such things, will look appropriate in the office and at a party, during a business lunch.


Jeans and a top

Jeans and top one of the most popular combinations in a casual style, but jeans with a crop top didn’t look impersonal, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points. Not all jeans are the same. For a business meeting or lunch with friends it is better to choose jeans of dark denim, classic cut or skinny. Jeans are the basic thing through which you can create a free, deliberately casual way, and quite refined and elegant ensemble. It all depends on the accessories and top, which combined jeans.

So, instead of black t-shirts complement the jeans top with original details, peplum, smell, interesting neckline or a cutout back. Pay special attention to the accessories: complete your ensemble expressive jewelry, a small purse and shoes in contrasting colours, or matching the bag.


Skirt and top

Skirt and top – the traditional example of casual style. Often, however, this combination looks too strictly and formally. Make a combination of skirt and top can be more relaxed playing on the unexpected combination of colors, wearing, for example, pink silk sleeveless top with dark green skirt with the animal print. Green is very interesting color, in fact, it fits any solid thing. Handbag and shoes in bright combination of skirt and top it’s better to sustain in subdued light colours. Beige sandals or pumps in this case is an ideal option.


Dress in a casual style

Dress is casual – comfortable and practical thing, where you can go and in the office, and shopping. It is important to choose the model dresses, which could easily be diversified accessories and shoes. So, the shirt dress shoes to go low and the shoulder bag looks free and unconstrained, while the same dress, but with a thin belt and combined with a contrasting clutch bag and pumps looks like a quite complete image of a business woman.

Make sure your wardrobe is present cropped trousers in black or dark blue. This model of trousers goes well with any variety of shoes, loafers, sneakers, ankle boots and pumps. Such pants are also quite easy to pick up and the top, they fit in perfectly to layering with other basics, such as t-shirts, blouse shirt casual, loose blazers, and so on.


The style

The casual style with all its simplicity and everyday life includes several basic directions:

  • Style business-casual or casual business style is a harmonious blend of classic things in a fairly democratic performance. In ensembles in the style business-casual may be a knit, quite bright and expressive color, this style also characteristic of the lack of the usual for a strict business style accessories, such as tie.
  • Smart-casual can also be attributed to the business style, but compared to business-casual, this style is more free. In smart casual widely used accessories and decorations, there is denim, which is often combined with jackets and shirts.
  • Style-all-out-casual – loose style, based on the principle of comfort and functionality. Basic things in the wardrobe, designed in this style is t-shirts, loose sweaters, t-shirts, jeans and so on. For work this style is not ideal, but for travel or walking around the city with friends all-out-casual – exactly what you need.
  • Street-casual street or casual style – a bright style of the street, where everyone can Express their individuality and vision of style. Street-casual does not put boundaries in the combination of textures, colors and shapes, as long as it was convenient, but at the same time, looked bright and interesting.
  • Sport casual style or sport-casual is, as its name implies, the style involving the dominance of sports wear in combination with casual things like jeans or t-shirts. Sports casual especially popular in the vast post-Soviet space, but, unfortunately, most often it is designed in the dismal gray-black color and lack of or inept choice of accessories.

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