цвет морской волны в одеждеOnce this shade is called Navy blue, now often use other names. The most common turquoise, which in a technical embodiment is closest to the color “cyan” is another name. But all this system multivalue codes collapsing when in comes her Majesty fashion and emotions associated with a particular hue. Celadon in clothing is so popular that it does not have any borders designation and extent of transitions.

Celadon also known as cyanide or a shade of cyan. This blue-green tint, which can appear in various interpretations, dark and outlays, becoming brighter or Priglashenie, closer to blue, then to green. Due to his uncontrollable diversity, to adapt it to their own needs in the wardrobe is becoming easier. But nobody undoes the rules of combination of colors in clothing and compliance of a particular hue, the color type appearance.


Suitable for celadon

No matter what shade we have in mind when talking about the color of a sea wave, its intensity and proximity to a particular spectral tone – color of a sea wave at desire it is possible to pick the almost all. Obstacles to the introduction of this color in your wardrobe can be a mismatched shades, either the wrong color, the neighborhood, or the overabundance of this color in the outfit, which is not suitable to the occasion or age.

Light or bright rich shades of the sea waves is perfect for young girls blondes and light, and tanned skin. Neon shades of the sea waves is beautifully highlighted by Golden tan and dark by nature skin brunettes and brown hair. If the eyes are blue or gray-blue, be sure that the color of a sea wave “pull” them on their level, and if you place it face – in the top or scarf on the neck, eyes will sparkle an amazing shade.


Summer mood

Celadon incredibly relevant for the spring-summer season, in which he is able to fully disclose their purpose and to justify the name. Sea wave clothing will emphasize and summer tan, and noble paleness not make an obvious disadvantage when selecting colors.

One of the most popular clothing in the color of a sea wave – long Maxi skirt to the floor, which can be made from semi-transparent chiffon or superfine knitwear, beautifully flowing in the dynamics. This skirt blends perfectly with brown Roman sandals flat shoes, bright ballet flats.


Dress shade of sea waves

  • Dress the color of a sea wave is a separate fashion history, which includes both secular and casual style. Very beautiful lace dress above the knee or mini with long sleeves and bodice bustier.
  • Dresses bright color of a sea wave, straight silhouette-style case or larger, with a thin waist and loose at the waist and the bodice will be a wonderful option for summer cocktail parties.
  • Long or knee-dresses-fine cotton with long sleeves in a dark shade of Navy fabulous noble look in a feminine everyday images.
  • Dress shade of Navy go well with accessories in warm colours with shoes and bags in natural shades of brown and gold decorations or trim around the edge of the face or on the belt.


A successful combination of aquamarine color in clothing

Celadon looks great with shades of orange that are in harmony with him on the contrast of warm and cold, as in neon shades of both, and muted versions. A combination of tender or bright blue with Navy blue will also be successful, if the latter is sufficiently expressive. Pink and coral can look at the kits with Navy blue even better than the aforementioned orange due to the fact that in this case all shades of cold.

Light and bright shade of sea waves combine with shades of brown – from light variants neutral cream and beige to rich chocolate. Therefore, one of the best and safest combinations becomes, for example, dress the shade of a sea wave with leather strap brown or shoes and bag soft beige.

As to selection of jewelry in clothes the color of a sea wave, here again this shade shows his benevolence. It is perfectly combined with a warm gold or cool silver, with ornaments of pearls and accessories with coral. To increase the effect stylish combination, clothing aquamarine colors should be light or bright, then the accessories will be fully disclosed in this contrast.

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