лечение целлюлитаThe vast majority of women do not know for sure what the cellulite problem with the «orange peel» faces more than 90% of women, regardless of age, weight and lifestyle. Fortunately, cellulite is not a fatal disease, and today there are a variety of methods of prevention and cure this is not a very pleasant phenomenon. Cellulite can be fought and at home, but go to a salon, which provides treatment of cellulite, of course, allow to achieve a better result.



This procedure refers to invasive methods of cellulite treatment during liposuction, you will hardly be able to relax like a massage, but high productivity liposuction well worth the discomfort. Liposuction is performed under local or General anesthesia by a qualified surgeon, cosmetologist. In small incisions catheters are inserted through which sucked fat. After liposuction, the majority of patients are faced with pain, bruising and swelling, but usually within a few days or a few weeks these unpleasant consequences disappear. In most cases, to get rid of cellulite just one procedure of liposuction.



Mesotherapy is of semi-invasive procedures. The essence of mesotherapy involves the insertion of a hypodermic injection of the so-called «cocktail», consisting of enzymes, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and other active substances. Mesotherapy is virtually painless procedure because the injections are made very thin and small needle. After the procedure, you may experience swelling and blue, but after a day or two all the time. For maximum results, you will need 4-8 week course on two treatments per week. To consolidate and support of the specialists recommend once a year to take a second course of mesotherapy.



Even if you have a cautious attitude to injections and classical mesotherapy is not for you, it’s a hardware kind can replace a series of anti-cellulite injections. In contemporary interiors and cosmetic clinics available procedure elektrometalurji, the essence of which lies in the use of electrical current for saturation of cells mesoderm special serum. To achieve noticeable results will need several treatments, and without any unpleasant side effects and consequences. In addition cellulite electromotoare widely applied to reduce wrinkles and improve the condition of dry skin, to remove stretch marks and improve overall skin tone.



Endermologie is incredibly popular in recent times the hardware method of anti-cellulite massage. The massage is performed by using a pair of rollers, which is accompanied by a suction effect. Endermologie is perfectly fights cellulite, improves skin tone and improves the shape. Before the procedure, the patient wears a special suit, then to lie down on a massage table. High-tech methods of lipomassage helps to stimulate blood circulation and the destruction of fat cells and toxins from the body. Under the influence of hardware massage fat cells are destroyed, the skin becomes more elastic and smooth, and fit – looking fit and slim. Endermologie, as most of the salon procedures, has a positive effect only by passing a series of treatments.


Shock-wave therapy (VIPs)

The TVC was developed in the 1990s, initially, this therapy was used in the treatment of problems with the joints and circulation. Later the TVC was recognized as one of the most effective modern methods of cellulite. Shock-wave therapy does not involve any surgery using only the superficial effect on the cells of the skin. On affected by cellulite areas are placed special plates, through which the infrasonic waves, wave reaches the fibrous tissue-destroying collagen and fat cells. To achieve the maximum result, the experts recommend to take a course for a minimum of six procedures. In some cases, the positive effect is visible after the third or fourth procedures. The TVC was recognized as absolutely safe procedure. In some cases, there is a slight redness or bruising, which usually disappear within a few days. Indisputable advantage of the shock wave therapy is no recovery period. Almost immediately after the procedure, a person can engage in usual daily activities. Rate shock wave therapy can significantly improve the condition of the skin and improve its tone, but to save the result cannot do without re preventive sessions.


Creams and diet supplements

In addition to massages and professional anti-cellulite procedures, there are more available, but, unfortunately, less effective methods of struggle with «orange peel».

In the majority of anti-cellulite creams are methylxanthines. To this group belong aminofillin, caffeine and theophylline – substances that can destroy the fat cells. However creams are not able to provide sufficiently deep penetration of active ingredients into the skin cells, and can achieve only modest improvements in the treatment of cellulite.

Dietary supplements containing extracts of Ginkgo biloba, sweet clover, grape seed, wrack fucus, fish oil and soybean lecitina improves metabolism, stimulates circulation and contribute to the destruction of fat cells. Such supplements are not considered as independent and full-fledged method of cellulite, but in the complex of therapeutic treatments, massages and a hardware of treatment, helping to improve the condition of your skin and reduce the volume of the body.

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