Boots in this season – at the height of fashion. Moreover, the current one style or design, and the shoes, in principle, considered to be the trend element of the wardrobe. Despite all the diversity to choose the right shoes for spring is not so simple. You need to consider many things: the ratio of the price and quality, style, fashion trends, the presence or absence of heel (studs, platforms), convenience, etc.
Переобуваемся: как выбрать ботинки на весну?2
Shoes for spring. Features selection

Many buyers are only interested in «trendy» shoes, while in other parts, they do not pay attention. The exterior design is very important, but it should not be the only reason why buying. Spring shoes – this thing everyday, so they must be convenient, comfortable and high quality.

What you need to consider in order to choose the right shoes? First, it is the size. Remember that you cannot buy the wrong length or width shoes, even in the name of beauty. If it turns out that there is an appropriate size, or that it is «incomplete», then in any case you should buy the shoes larger, not smaller. And various «expanders» is not very effective, but that’s legs can really be adversely affected.

Not less important factors such as the color, the design, the height of the boot, the existence and shape of the heel. Of course, ideally, there is a possibility to buy a few various models of this footwear. Then there is an opportunity to put boots on the basis of situational importance.
Переобуваемся: как выбрать ботинки на весну?3
Regarding the trends this season explicitly «reign,» boots androgynous style along with the male models on brutal soles and with the same buckles. Still topical different shoes, and they began to actively decorated with sequins, lace or unusual prints. If you take the color, it was an obvious predominance of colour metallic red, grey, black and brown.

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