изменение формы губLip augmentation is a cosmetic innovation. It is desired by many girls and women who are dissatisfied with natural volumes. But along with this procedure, there is another, which can be done both in isolation and in combination with the increase. This cheiloplasty – change the shape of the lips, which is gaining popularity among those who would like to correct the shape of your smile, to address asymmetries, adding his face harmony.

The requirement to change the shape of the lips can be both objective and subjective. The latter is not surprising – women tend to adjust their appearance, trying to fit it to the generally accepted canons or individually desired standards of beauty. In some cases, cheiloplasty required to restore the lost tissue after disfiguring injuries or congenital defects of the jaw. Using malolactic the patient not only gains the confidence, the better changed his facial expressions that before the intervention was not enough expressive or anatomically difficult.


Indications for cheiloplasty

  • Thin or very thick lips;
  • the difference in the amount of upper and lower lip;
  • asymmetry lips in a passive state, or when you smile;
  • wrinkles on the lips;
  • drooping corners of the mouth;
  • tissue defects of the lips, violations shape due to injuries or congenital features, such as cleft lip;
  • strong exposure of the gums;
  • fuzzy fuzzy lip contour.

Cheiloplasty is performed by injecting method. During the operation lips are filled with filler, which restores the volume and draws new shape of the contour.

Changing the shape of the lips is carried out either with the participation of lipoplasty – injecting your own adipose tissue, either as a standard contour plastic, injection drug on the basis of hyaluronic acid. The skin on very thin lips, the mouth is in a constant state of facial expression and articulation, so it is important to use only those drugs that would not be rejected by the body, looking naturally and without hindering habitual movements.


Features cheiloplasty

Despite the seeming simplicity of cheiloplasty, changing the shape of the lips is a major operation that requires a preliminary preparation and proper professional advice. The physician should carefully evaluate the patient, examine not only the status of the lips, but to pay attention to the mucous membrane of the mouth, jaw structure. In some cases, as a rule, when reconstructive surgeries, you may have to do an x-ray. The more information will be given to the doctor about the patient, the better will be the result of the operation, and the more patient’s ability to predict the future state of the lips.

Cheiloplasty lasts from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the complexity and volume of the injection.

Adipose tissue or drug contour plastic injected thin needles under the skin and follow the natural lines of the lips or the things of the closed cheiloplasty from the inside, which leaves no visible traces. Before injection use of local anesthesia. After the operation on the lips apply a dressing will be removed on the next day. During the week you should wear the armband, all this time lips are swollen and with reduced susceptibility. A week after the operation cheiloplasty lips find the new form sought by the patient. A small pain and reduced sensitivity may persist for some time, and it is normal because the body does not yet recognize injected medicine and other subjects.

The rehabilitation period after the change of the form of lips short, but it should pay attention. Should be as little alarming lips, drinking through a straw, not to expose them to temperature changes, to protect yourself from UV radiation, going to the pool and open water bodies, in order to avoid infection and does not interfere with the healing process.


Reversible result

Cheiloplasty does not require the patient’s stay in hospital, is done as an outpatient and immediately after the operation and bandaging you can take home. A week later, the doctor will be able to assess the success of the operation, and if the patient’s something not satisfied, the possible re corrective cheiloplasty correcting the defects of the previous or conveyed volume and shape of the lips to those who want a patient.

If the change of the form of lips were conducted biodegradiruemye drug on the basis of hyaluronic acid, which resolves with time, after a few months cheiloplasty can be repeated.

Of course, if the patient is satisfied with the newfound form. At the primary treatment is recommended it is biodegradable materials that will allow the patient, applying for a change of the form of lips for aesthetic purposes, to decide whether it new lips or he would like another form and volume.

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