To be beautiful is an internal necessity of every woman. Beautiful, well-groomed woman is always stands out from the crowd and draws attention to itself. For the sake of this beautiful half of humanity is often on the application of radical methods to improve your appearance is a surgical procedure that often ends in failure. Fortunately, today there are alternative methods for adjusting the appearance, one of which is medical (chemical peeling.
Химический пилинг 1
Chemical peeling is a «rejuvenating Apple» for the skin. Thanks to the chemical effects on the skin with fruit acids achieved the effect of rejuvenation, removed the defects of the skin. But only correct chemical peeling conceived as a rejuvenating and healing effect on the skin. Depending on the severity of impacts, of what the end result you want, peeling is divided into:

1. Surface peeling accessible to all, as it is a soft and gentle in comparison with other types of exfoliation. It can be applied on different types of skin, there are no age restrictions. Is superficial peels using such cosmetics, as scrubs, enzymatic peelings, which help to purify and refresh the skin, improves color and align relief. Allow you to maintain healthy skin.

2. For medium peeling uses the same acid that and surface, only more concentrated. This type of peeling is aimed at rejuvenation of the skin, removes the pigment spots, minor scars, fine lines, and not only on the face, neck, and chest, and even on a skin of hands. After this procedure restores tone of the skin, activates the process of updating. The effect of acquired using a medium peeling, can be compared with the result obtained after plastic surgery.
Химический пилинг
3. Deep peeling is a procedure aimed at deep chemical processing of skin that requires a lot of skill and high-skill specialists, so it should be only in beauty salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine. Phenol is used, and chemical peeling should be possible to evenly applied to the skin, and withstand clearly allotted time, which is chosen for each patient individually.

Any chemical peeling must only be carried out in adequate conditions and, of course, experts in the field, who will determine which procedure is shown to you what tools will be used and how many sessions you will need to return your skin youth and beauty.

Article publication date: October 24, 2013

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