химический пилингPeeling – essence of beauty for any skin type and age. Without regular exfoliation, removal of corneal layer, it is impossible to normal breathing of the skin and its update. Any woman can provide your skin with a simple house peeling with the help of careful abrasive tools, but occasionally the skin to something more effective. For example, chemical peels, which is performed in the cosmetologist’s office and affects the results of the action even after one single procedure.

Chemical peeling is applied on skin of the compositions, which penetrate deep into the epidermis, causing burns of different degree than is called active renewal of the cells. After chemical peeling the skin changes, run powerful regenerative processes, grow new cells, tissues updated. The epidermis acquires the new fibers collagen that provides the skin elasticity, smoothes small and deep wrinkles, relief and skin tone is aligned, lighten age spots, cures acne even in serious stages, the smoother the surface of the skin, the affected scars and stretch marks.


Surface peeling – delicate work

During the peeling of the surface is affected only the upper stratum corneum of the skin, so the patient should not cause fears of severe burns and a long period of rehabilitation. Surface peelings are shown at the beginning signs of aging, acne-acne or also you can refer to them without any problems skin, but just to make it glow, toned and healthy.

Surface chemical peeling is performed ANA and VNA-acids. ANA-acid also called fruit, these include malic acid, citric acid, glycolic, lactic, tartaric (or tartaric acid. Very popular peeling mandelic acid, also known as fenoxichinolina, and salicylic acid related to VNA-type. Less common in the chemical Pilenga acid azelaic, pyruvic, phytic, lactobionic and : glycolactic and others.

Thanks to the variety of the applied acids, the risk of side effects after the peeling is reduced to a minimum, because the doctor-cosmetologist can select the type of compound for hypersensitive skin, for patients with a tendency to allergies, problematic for patients who combine, for example, wrinkles and acne.


Median peeling – diving in deep

Median peeling is a deeper treatment of skin, which becomes possible due to use more aggressive compounds. Most often median peeling associated with trichloroacetic acid, but it may apply to the high concentration of salicylic or glycolic acid.

This type of exfoliation recommend that women expressed loose skin and pigmentation, which is not amenable to correction more benign ways. Trichloroacetic acid at the median peeling can reach 20-40%, of course, such a high concentration causes unpleasant physiological manifestations on the skin, patients note the painful sensations that are neutralized cold packs and jets of cold air.

After peeling the skin looks edematous, there is a marked redness, due to which it is recommended that the first two to three days to spend at home to recover.

If the skin is sensitive or applied highest permissible concentration of the acid on the face can form a crust, which after a few days, come down itself (rip off her. Lack of peeling; there is preparation of the skin and proper care after the procedure can cause side-effects, among which the most critical is pigmentation, uneven tone, exacerbation of herpes. 4-6 weeks prior to the median peeling is recommended to use the retinoin coupled with AHA acids as the preparation of the skin.


Deep chemical peeling is an alternative to plastic

There are cases where neither the surface nor the median peeling not able to help, but patients do not consult a surgeon. The laxity of the skin, deep wrinkles – indications for the deep chemical peeling which is made of phenolic acid. Deep peeling is also shown in the burns and serious scars, scars that cannot be smooth structures more delicate treatment. In fact phenol peeling is a deep burning of the face with out touching on the dermis, so it is important to find the procedure to be highly qualified beautician.

In the composition of the peeling includes oil and other converters, which regulate the degree of penetration of phenol in the skin, and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The effect of paneloveho peeling lasts up to 10 years or longer, depending on individual characteristics. His conduct and in the face and body, but on a strictly limited areas, to minimize trauma for healthy skin.

Phenol peeling shows women of Mature age, but, at the same time, it has to be treated with great caution due to age.

During the procedure possible already, tachycardia, and after it – side-effects affecting the kidneys and liver. It is therefore important that the patient was in good health and had no chronic diseases of these and other organs. You cannot perform an in-depth chemical peels in cancer, pregnancy and lactation, infectious diseases, a violation of blood coagulability, skin diseases. New skin after paneloveho peeling starts to be formed only a few months after the procedure. One cannot ignore the fact that the skin loses its ability to produce pigment, so beautiful tan after it is already impossible.

After any chemical peeling skin need to be carefully protected from the sun and the first time to follow all the prescriptions of a cosmetologist, dealing regenerating compositions, avoiding raspravama and other water treatments.

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