шифоновые платья для полныхChiffon dresses for women can be the basis of the wardrobe in the spring and summer. This also applies to style for every day and special occasion dresses. Their light airy fabric with proper choice of length, color, print and cut, detracts from the completeness and allows women with curvaceous to feel more confident and beautiful.


The choice of design and length chiffon dresses for full

The success of the image at any size – the line of cut and design of dresses the shape. If you know some tricks that usually stylists apply for women category, plus size, dresses can not only decorate the figure, but also make her flaws less noticeable.


Full upper body

The chest is probably the most critical when considering the design of future purchase. If you have large Breasts and heavy upper body area with hands full and rounded shoulders, should make a clear choice in favor of chiffon dresses with long or slightly shorter sleeves and V-neck.

From the rounded collars Claudine in the style of the forties should be avoided, as well as from other hard turn-down collars. Cleavage the dress should be light and not draw attention to any ruffles or draperies.

In any case, chiffon dress should not with big breast to have a frill or a bow that will overload the upper area of the body.

The smell is a wonderful outlet for korpulentny women, but especially for those who suffer from the weight of the upper zone. Moderately deep V-neck and smell with belt and tie side elongated silhouette will make the top more elegant and outline the waist.


Full belly and a wide waist

Task chiffon dress is to make a complete shape to the silhouette of the hourglass. If the volume of the body close to the type of “Apple” problem with the middle part of the body, you need to visually try to narrow it down, distracting attention away from the waist, shifting the emphasis up or down. Fortunately, chiffon, especially with printed pattern, allows you to experiment and make visually slimmer even very full waist and protruding stomach.

Besides the smell, which is a universal solution for dresses every day, there are a couple of very effective solutions, which belong to the Greek style dresses.

High waist Empire style is one of the excellent styles, which always saves women with problematic area of the waist. Choose chiffon dress with high waist makes sense if the chest area is well marked. When petite Breasts and fat folds at the waist and heavy thighs there is a risk that the figure visually deformed and broken proportions.

To make the silhouette more harmonious will allow another type of Greek style with a small overlap at the waist by a thin belt, which is very easy to form using chiffon. These dresses can be both long and short, summer tunics. Chest visually seems more full belly is masked behind the draperies, and the figure looks more feminine. For such dresses is better to choose dark shades.


Evening and cocktail chiffon dresses for full

Secular output for overweight women can be a serious stress if she doesn’t know how best to present your figure. But there is nothing difficult in selecting attire for the evening or cocktail. The main difference chiffon casual dresses from a weekend in the decor and color. Small floral print and scent suitable for everyday wear, while the solemn cases require minimalistichnost and elegance in design and beautiful color, preferably solid.

The most appropriate colors for chiffon dresses for full – noble options in dark colours: emerald green, Royal blue, chocolate, ink-purple, wine. Despite the fact that unwanted prints, you can use combinations of plain chiffon with lace accent or the same shade or inserts and crystal inlaid, wide, shiny belts, which are responsible for about opinion and allow the figure look slimmer.

The effect of layering in evening dresses are very popular among designers and owners of large forms, it is simply irreplaceable. Pick the dress lace covered satin, concealing folds of fat, or a dress made of thick material comes to the knee, and it is superimposed semi-transparent chiffon skirt.

Hide full upper arms will help either long sleeve or short flared sleeve (but not “flashlight”), which falls freely onto the body or wrap or Bolero.

In honor trapeze dresses of any length, so you can easily pick up on even the larger figure model chiffon without marked waist.

When any model is plain chiffon dresses do fit fabric, which allowed for the fabric print. Dress chiffon full a woman should invoke a feeling of lightness of the image without tightness of the figure.

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