For women in maternity leave, one of the most essential activities laid down in the subconscient nature is monitoring the development of your baby. This process is very difficult, especially at the stage when a young man is not with the help of the speech or coordinated movements demonstrate mother degree of its development. Understandable fears, inherent, as a rule, women first became a mother, on the grounds that the child is behind in its development. In this case, women start to panic, daily, and often without a reason, harass physicians, and the environment.
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However, knowing the main signs of the development of the child in that particular month of his life, often is enough just to watch their child and make sure that he is really all right, and he did not have to strictly fit into the program of its development, developed by pediatricians. So, for example, emotional development of the child in 5 months assume the corresponding norm, if the child:

  • Twice weighs more than weighed at birth (6,5-7 kg);
  • Sleep without waking up, all night (10 hours), and a day for two to three approaches sleeps 4-6 hours;
  • Detects faces relatives and strangers, showing a certain degree of mistrust to the people that he sees for the first time or have not seen;
  • Reacts to the tone in his voice, anyone appealing to him;

Physiology of the child in 5 months correspond to the norm in the case of the baby:

  • Capable of lying on the back, raise his head and shoulders;
  • Sit or even sit without assistance.
  • To give an informed preference to one or another fun or toy;
  • Coordinate their own movements of hands;
  • Eat пюреобразной food;
  • «Sing a song»come in delight from the sounds that he gives.

However, if your baby does not perform what items of the program of development or falls short of some of them (for example, not received or had too much extra grams of prescribed its age, weight, more than the specified sleeping during the day or before wakes in the night etc), does not mean that a child is behind in its development. Do not forget that in front of you, though small, but a personality that is better than everyone else knows when she will sleep better, how much to eat, etc.
Развитие ребенка: отставить панику1
Of course, that we are talking about physically healthy child in normal conditions, which has no pronounced violation of certain functions. In all other cases it should not seek to put the degree of development of their child in the developed framework for him. A mother’s heart and monitoring crumbs better than any books and instructions will tell you, the baby is developing normally. Panic at the empty place, and from birth, trying to «fit» her child under the established framework, you will interfere with its individuality, inherent nature.

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