детская гигиеническая помадаSkin in children is particularly gentle, so caring for it should be as thorough, adults tools are not suitable. In particular, the baby should be their own children chapstick, created especially for the youngest consumers. These lipsticks are hypoallergenic (without perfumes) or with pleasant scents, beneficial oils, vitamins, plant extracts.


Without lipstick not do

Children’s skin is generally very gentle and subtle, and therefore much more vulnerable than the skin of adults. And his lips even adults need special protection, because the skin is very sensitive and devoid of lubricating grease. She is very easily injured: strong wind, cold, low air humidity or just careless movement of the teeth and lips appear cracks, abrasions, skin begins to peel off and dry.

The worse is those who has a habit of licking the lips. Steaming, moisture leads to the dryness of the lips, making them especially vulnerable.

Since the lips has no oil glands, delicate skin needs protection from the outside. It is best to protect the lips of the various funds based on fat. People have long been used for this purpose different butter – melted goose fat to vaseline. Over time, there is a special lip balm and then lip in a convenient package. For children of such a release form fits best because the lipstick is in contact with the skin of the lips, it is not necessary to put your fingers that the kids are not always perfectly clean.



гигиенические помады для детейModern hygienic lipstick effect on the lips comprehensively. They moisturize the skin, nourish it and protect from ultraviolet radiation and from frost or wind. In addition, hygienic lipstick makes lips look smoother. Some varieties of these lipsticks give the skin a light sheen or slightly toned skin, but for children it is better to choose a colorless lipstick.

Hygienic lipstick are wax-based. Apart from natural beeswax, which has excellent emollient properties, but can cause allergic reactions, are also used plant substances, so-called “tears of plants” – Carnauba and candlelike waxes. But the lipstick on the basis of paraffin or vaseline pediatricians recommend to use only in extreme cases – such funds can hinder skin respiration, which leads to deterioration of her condition.

Lip moisturizer usually divided into moisturizing, nourishing, anti-herpes. Moisturizing is the best choice for summer, but in winter their use will only worsen the skin condition. Nourishing lipstick perfectly protect lips even from severe frost. Antiherpetic lipstick are used to prevent infection of herpes. However, you must remember that absolute protection of such funds and provide.

The main components of hygienic lipsticks:

  • Wax base. Softens the skin, nourishes, improves elasticity and firmness, and creates a thin film that prevents dehydration;
  • Jojoba oil. Fatty oil, which has anti-inflammatory effect that helps to combat irritation and redness on the skin;
  • Castor, coconut oil. These oils are resistant to oxidation, they are well moisturize and nourish the skin;
  • Apricot, almond, peach oil. Soften the skin and nourish it;
  • The cocoa butter. Helps to fight dehydration, softens the skin;
  • The lanolin. Creates a thin film on the surface of the lips, prevents the evaporation of moisture;
  • Azulene. This substance, which is obtained from chamomile, has anti-inflammatory and protivoallergennymi properties;
  • The aloe Vera extract. Has a moisturising and regenerating action, promotes rapid recovery of chapped, rough, scarred skin;
  • Honey. Has a regenerating effect, prevents the skin from drying out. However, be aware that honey is a strong allergen, and it, like other bee products, do not normally use in the manufacture of hypoallergenic baby cosmetics;
  • Vitamin a Softens and regenerates the skin of the lips;
  • Vitamin E. This vitamin is often called the beauty vitamin. It helps moisturize lips smoothes out wrinkles and makes lips silky;
  • Ultraviolet filters. Necessary in order to protect the delicate skin from the sun’s rays.


Especially for children

Of course, if necessary you can handle sponge baby and “adult” hygienic lipstick. However, it is much better to choose for the child’s special children’s remedy. Cosmetics intended for kids, does not cause allergic reactions and does not contain harmful impurities, including mineral oils, parabens or other preservatives. Designed with the needs of baby skin formula provides optimal lip care kids.

Baby lip moisturizer often come in fancy boxes with images of cartoon characters that always attracts your target audience. Also manufacturers of these lipsticks usually offer delicious aromas of funds for care of lips. Lipstick is the smell of strawberries or ice cream, or chocolate, or orange, caramel or banana – the choice is huge, and for every kid you can find a tool that would please him. At the same time you should not buy very young children lipstick with a very appetizing smell – it is very likely that the kids will decide to try the taste. Despite the fact that all other components of these lipsticks are completely harmless, it is better to use chapstick on purpose, that is to protect the skin of the lips, and not as a dessert.

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