детская шуба из кроликаChildren coat of rabbit for parents who want to dress up your child, is the budget option, if one considers the natural fur. Rabbit fur is a nice touch, but due to the cheapness and as a consequence, the extreme demand on the market, the producers do not get tired of experimenting with fur, offering new versions of the designs of these coats. Rabbit fur for a child’s coat with one hand available, but on the other has some disadvantages that it is better to learn before you will find them in the process of carrying items your child.

Children coat of rabbit can become the pride and ornament of the wardrobe for the little fashionista. Currently, rabbit fur, which is used when sewing coats, more diverse than it was a couple of decades ago. In the manufacture of fur products are not necessarily applied cheap skins, there are an elite breed of rabbits that give beautiful thick shiny fur, which is not in comparison with those who call available and easy to wear. So, if you have the opportunity to buy for baby coat from more expensive rabbit fur, for example, rabbit breeds Rex, consider it, and you will not regret it.


Advantages of baby coats of rabbit

детская шуба из кроликаAs with the purchase of fur coats for adults, a coat of rabbit for children attracts customers primarily affordable price. Another important factor in favor of the rabbit fur is the willingness of producers to sewing coats of various designs that can not not like children who know what is “beautiful”, and not always happy just models as dark or smooth monochromatic light coats.

As you know adults who wear a coat in winter, fur, especially if the coat is long, a large weight that is felt in everyday life. Of course, children are such a burden is not needed, because it will only cause discomfort. Rabbit fur coat for a child in this regard, it becomes the best option due to the very small weight.

By itself, the rabbit fur is thin, lightweight frame, it is easily seen, touching and drawing his hand in the direction against the growth. The membrane (skin or skin) rabbit is also very thin and light. This allows the finished product with ease in the truest sense of the word, to cherish even the smallest children. But that dignity is one of the main disadvantages of rabbit fur, which is particularly critical for children.


Disadvantages coats of rabbit

детская шуба из кроликаThe ease of the flesh and fur this fur-bearing animals on the other hand turns into a serious disadvantage. First, it does not give the rabbit fur coat serious warming properties. Secondly, a thin pile easily departs from the membrane, which ultimately created the rabbit fur coats unflattering reputation, unfortunately, not without reason. The fur of the rabbit, especially cheap and prolonged and intensive wear quickly fade, which means that it will be colder than that for children is totally unacceptable.

For kids rabbit fur coat with one hand is a variant of optimal due to the affordable cost, but on the other, turns the difficulty of life extension. Children, boys or girls, very dynamic, in addition, they are not always aware of the need to keep things easily contaminate them.

детская шуба из кроликаRabbit fur coat in children who are constantly in her walk, walk, play, wears out quickly. For parents, this turns into a headache, so many try not to buy expensive things, which you can find more safe, durable replacement.

On the other hand strongly to not get upset, because children grow quickly, and after a season or two will still have to buy new clothes. Therefore, rabbit fur coat – not the worst option.


The Mature fashion

детская шуба из кроликаBaby coats for rabbit does not remain at the same stage of their capabilities relating to the image that many years ago. Children’s fashion fur affect trends in adult fashion, which are reflected in the rabbit furs. So, for example, are produced coats of rabbit with finishing other fur – contrasting color and texture. It can be fur foxes, Fox, beaver. In connection with the influx of popular leopard print, you can often see a baby rabbit coat, painted by all the canons of this trend.

Rabbit fur coats for children take a variety of forms, for example, coat dufflecoat, original jacket with flounced blouse or cardigan. Retro-style coats relevant and inside children’s fashion – easily you will find soft rabbit fur trapeze silhouette, reminiscent of the classics of the middle of the last century.

In children coats of rabbit provides decorative elements, which are usually very happy children. It can be braided pigtails (partially knitted fur), separation belt ribbons, POM-poms, large buttons, ruffles.

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