детская косметологияAppeal to the beautician, skin problems has no age limits. Not too early, but it may be too late. The last case is sometimes sad, but nothing irreparable, even with serious skin no violations. Modern cosmetology helps Mature patients who require multi assistance and the very young who are still at the stage of maturation of the body. Children cosmetology – growing sector of the industry of beauty. The need for services is growing every year.


Timely assistance

Poor awareness and prejudices many parents lead their children go through adolescence with acute acne, which then leaves ugly scars that are difficult to troubleshoot. And this is only the tip of the iceberg». Skin is covered with acne and rash with pustules, permanent inflammation, irritation, peeling, enlarged pores and blackheads with black heads lead to lower self-assessment and continuous complexes. Them at a young age and without that abound, whether they multiply? Problem skin at any age it is not normal and disease that should be treated. And teenage acne, unfortunately, not only the health of the skin.

To cosmetology possible and necessary to resort to even small children who may be innate characteristics, for example, moles and extensive birthmarks, warts, papillomas, scars, scars, which cause the child concerned with the disposition on visible areas of the face and body. The earlier a child will get rid irks him problems with looks manageable at the hairdresser’s, the less complexes he will bring into adulthood.


Features of children’s cosmetics

On the one hand, it may seem that children of the same methods as for adults who seek help from a beautician. In principle, the way it is, but with slight amendments, namely taking into account features of a child’s skin and behaviour of children in a particular age. It is no secret that the younger the child, the harder parents are given visits to the doctors for various treatments. Moreover, if a child is hyperactive and it is not easy to sit on one place for a long time.

Until the child has entered a period of sexual maturation, and his skin is different fineness and sensitivity. Thermoregulation in children have not yet developed fully, as and collagen-elastin skeleton of the epidermis, providing elasticity to the skin. The hydro-lipid balance of the skin is not stable, that is why so often irritation and allergic reactions. Children’s skin is a need to carefully protect from the sun, and if you do not do this, it burns easily. All of these features taken into account by specialists in pediatric dermatology and cosmetology.


Children’s cosmetics

  • Destruction of molluscum contagiosum

The vsapaniem on the skin in the form of rare tight knots can occur in both adults and children in infancy. This is an infectious disease that can be easily and cosmetic correction – emptying deleted ablative laser or electrocoagulation.

  • Removing warts

Papillomas, warts and other skin growths viral affect children more often than adults due to unstable immunity. In each case the treatment depends on the scale of destruction and individual characteristics. In some cases, the doctor recommends to use ointments (kolhitinom, оксолинова, interferon, salicylic acid and other), to burn their chemical solutions (liquid nitrogen, trichloroacetic acid), acute infection and eliminate tumors.

Radical methods of elimination of such entities remain electrocoagulation (excision of a current), but the most effective and environmentally sound methods in a child’s cosmetology read the photochemotherapy. It consists in applying the solution metoksipsoralena with subsequent processing of UV irradiation. Photochemotherapy course lasts from 4 to 6 treatments.

Warts can be used and techniques of surgical excision by curettage, but they preferred to the older children.

  • Removing moles and birthmarks

Nevi (moles) and flat moles that can reach large sizes on visible areas, sometimes they become a source of complexes for children. In some cases they are itching and itchy, you should immediately consult a doctor on the subject of the research moles, which can be either malignant melanoma. In no case should one try to output and to lighten birthmarks own because their injury may result in irreparable consequences.

Remove and brighten moles and pigmented areas in different ways, depending on their characteristics, location and age of the child. This can be surgical excision, laser, x-ray therapy or cryotherapy.

  • Acne treatment

Acne usually concerned with the beginning of puberty, acne but occurs in newborns. In infancy, it is important to properly diagnose, not to confuse a fungal infection of the skin with other forms (eczema, dermatitis), because untreated children of acne in later life is fraught with complications, leaving deep scars. Elementary school age can also meet acne, caused for example by гиперандрогеногения (increased content in the body of the male sex hormone). Hypersecretion of testosterone in girls can be a sign of polycystic ovaries, so in childhood acne should be alerted, as they are in this case only a symptom of internal imbalance.

Acne depending on the origin and age of the child is treated by standard methods. Cosmetologists recommend antibiotics, retinoids, using creams with salicylic acid, during adolescence can be done superficial peels, laser resurfacing.

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