детская одежда спортClothes for sport occupies a special place in the collections of well-known fashion houses, producing separate lines. It is impossible to deny the importance of this service both for adult and for children fashion. Children are very active, even if they do not attend the sections if they regularly engaged in physical activity, the selection of the models, you need to allocate time, attention and budget. Children’s clothes for sports should be high quality, resistant to wear, stylish and, of course, easy.

Sport style for girls and boys no such differences in everyday life. Boys and girls wear shorts, pants, олимпийки, sweatshirts, t-shirts, so at first glance it may seem that children sports fashion is a classic unisex. But it is not so. The difference is, and it is connected both with the psychological moment in the choice of style (girls love «plush» the costumes, the color pink, boys prefer a low-key design)and elementary межполовыми peculiarities of fashion (pants, skirts, beautiful topics – maiden’s prerogative).


Sports clothing for girls

Clothes for sport girls are more diverse, it’s hard to argue. Style options mass for different ages, but usually for the younger children choose more comfortable clothes according to the type of physical activity, and to fashion the desire wakes up later.

Kits with leggings or fitting breeches («велосипедками») are regarded as the most acceptable form of clothes for sports. When choosing a costume is necessary to abandon versions of past generations, when such clothing was made from low quality synthetics with high content of spandex. Pay attention should be on the fabric, pleasant to the touch, containing natural fibre. Typically, these costumes include enough free top (t-shirt, t-shirt and fitted bottom. The leggings or бриджей should be good fixation at the waist to them not continually tightened.

To practice in a cold season it is better to find a full suit with long sleeves and брючинами. Many manufacturers combine in one set opportunity to wear it in hot and cold weather. For example, shorts or pants are supplemented with a removable cover, which is fastened with zipper or Velcro – obtained sports pants. Also in the suit included the top and the piece of outerwear – soft fleece jacket, cotton, polyester. These costumes are very well suited for school physical education lessons, when the classes within a single lesson conducted both indoors and outdoors.

Velour suits are among the favorites as adolescent girls and girls of primary school age. These trousers, shorts, jackets perfectly felt on the body, thanks to virgin’s design in soft «sweet» shades and use of prints with your favorite мультперсонажами velour suits are particularly desirable for the sport of girls of different ages.

Often, manufacturers of sports kits produce остромодные details, for example, is not a standard straight trousers, baggy trousers with the shape of the buttocks. They can be very comfortable with the active movement. Girls, inclined to corpulence or those who do not want to wear tight-fitting model press, may carry and trousers, large on the thighs and buttocks, and other pants in the Eastern – style spacious cut, with a wide elastic band at the ankle. At the top you can wear a wide t-shirt with a length of up to about mid thigh. Short skirts are suitable mostly for pre-school age, later do they workout problematic. Alternatively skirts brand produce stylish skirt of fine knitwear, cotton or polyester, fashionable fold or strongly flowing.


Sports clothing for boys

For boys provides comfortable clothing laconic colors, but not devoid of style. In addition to classic for young sportsman bundle hoodies, jackets and trousers, there are other interesting combinations of clothes for sports. For example, at the top you can wear cotton cardigan round throat neckline, sweater with a hood, Polo shirt немаркого color. Bottom – long pants, Bermuda, knee-length shorts to mid-thigh and up. Sports pants for boys often supply numerous pockets and zippers, but they should not be too much. In such clothes, if it is provided for school physical training, inconvenient to accomplish many of the exercises, so you should not complicate the life of the child fight over a disputed functionality.

In addition to the t-shirts that should not be nor too tight nor too wide, for boys, there are t-shirts-Sambo, that would be a wonderful option for the top in the warm weather. These t-shirts are often sold with shorts or underwear.

Boys are more active than girls, and increased perspiration, therefore, selecting sportswear for them, these facts must necessarily take into account. All items must allow the body to «breathe», well take the moisture, and outer clothing it is better to select from the tissues durable, wear resistant, protecting from wind and rain.

When buying baby clothes for sports parents need to take into account features of the hardware. Lightning, rivets, castles and lacing, the joints – it should not interfere with physical activity, waxing, causing discomfort and pain. In clothes for girls decor and romanticism, to which they are inclined, you need to sacrifice in favor of convenience, if the combination is impossible. You can always find a decent alternative that combines the beauty and practicality.

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