In the modern world many important and necessary professions and only one not officially recognized. Mom is not only the first word is a title and position. As a mom, every woman needs to be inventive and sensible. Not everything in the baby’s life should be decided with scandal and tears. Often this procedure as the nail cutting the child turns into a real torture for the whole family. First, this procedure is easiest to do while the baby sleep. With the help of special scissors, it does not take more than 10 minutes.
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Watch out for nails. Clean and length of nails the child is not only a question of hygiene, but also injuries. Neatly trimmed nails, the child will not be able to scratch or to prick. After two years, the child should gradually be accustomed to manicure and pedicure. With the boys in this matter more difficult to find a common language. Trimmed nails little boy using the tricks and barter. Show your baby by example or on the nails of the Pope that this procedure is completely painless, and then offer the exchange. Explain to your child that if he will sit quietly and let me trim his nails, you in return will give him the opportunity to live a day of a real man.

Morning is the procedure of shaving and hairstyles. Bricsa not necessarily, but branded the aftershave to apply for all it is worth. Hair should also gently brush and, if necessary, be stacked haircut styling muzhskim means. Then run to the kitchen and drink cosacco hot chocolate and go dressed, on business!
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In the manicure and pedicure moms with daughters, of course, easier. Girls copy their mothers, so this opportunity should not be missed. For starters, it will be enough to get a manicure set or a cosmetic bag with nail polishes. The little lady will be interested in these items. Showing by example, gently with a nail file or scissors tidy your nails, and, then, not insisting, offer to handle the claw daughter. From the first time, the child may not agree or even scared, so you need to be patient and gradually accustom the baby to a beautiful manicure and binding. In any delicate situation, the mother should seek a compromise and a logical way. To perceive new activities and responsibilities kids have phases and in the form of educational games.

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