Little Princess, watching his beautiful moms and so often want to be like them! For this they go to all sorts of tricks. The lipstick quietly take, warm women’s vest dress, bright red lacquered nails will paint.

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Here it is time to take matters into their own hands. Maybe you should not be overly strict. Just play along with the little girl, help her to make a decent children’s manicure. This service provides specialists in any beauty salon. If you are not willing to trust your child in the wrong hands, it’s time to learn the basic safety rules during the manicure.

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Security Essentials

The main rule that you should follow, is to always focus on the mood of the child and his feelings. After all, these procedures are intended primarily to bring joy, not tears.

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Kids love bright colors, but choose wisely the appropriate type of varnish. Bright blue shades will look out of place if I wear, for example, classic vest for girls green.

Many do not like the feeling at the time of filing of nails. To avoid this, use a glass nail file. The corners of the nails, in extreme cases, can be cut with scissors.

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You must always be hydrogen peroxide and sterile cotton from possible cuts during the procedure.

It is forbidden to do manicure very small children. If you touch the nail matrix, from now on, the nail can grow crooked or wrong to take shape. Always use scissors with rounded edges.

Making softening soak, use tools that can cause allergies. Something neutral. Perfect classic herbal teas. Cream use only child.

детский маникюр

Don’t forget to take a pair of beautiful toys that will help the child to escape if he gets bored. Draw in the fingers a few funny faces. The baby will love it!

Following all these simple rules, you will ensure the child’s safe and beautiful manicure, and a great mood!

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