второй подбородокA double chin can appear at any age and any skin condition. There are factors that have to ensure that the shape of the face was broken this nasty fat fold, which will no doubt spoil the image, adds age and makes you visibly fuller, even if you have a normal figure. There are a lot of complexes, you too shy to be photographed, when choosing good angles, looking for the best hairstyles and makeup. From the second chin is possible to get rid of, but it is better to prevent its occurrence.


To determine the cause

If you have a double chin and you are considering the possibility of its elimination, you need to start to determine its causes. It has if not crucial, it is equally important. Sometimes a second chin is a defect caused by a small set of weights, but largely it changes your way due to the specific structure of the face. Also a double chin can be a not fat and flabby sack of skin and tissue, which suddenly appeared under the face due to thinning of the skin in adulthood or because of the dramatic weight loss is also expressed in the signs of aging. In this case, the skin does not have time to catch up and droops.

Why is it important to know what causes the appearance of a double chin? If you pinpoint the cause, you will be able to save time and money to deal with this defect, selecting the adapted methodology and cosmetic products aimed at combating it. If your problem is inherent anatomical features of the face, which strongly emphasize the presence of excess skin and tissue in the chin area, most likely you should not waste time on therapeutic measures, and will need the intervention of aesthetic medicine.



It is rare to meet someone who is overweight, but the shape of the face keeps youthful elasticity, untouched body fat. These lucky few, but a lot of people that have the reverse situation. They can have a normal shape, but chubby cheeks and double chin. This is often due to the abuse of carbohydrates, sugar, salty foods, including at night. Oval face floats, cheeks SAG, denoted chin. If you start losing weight, doing cardio, improve diet, eliminating or reducing the consumption of harmful products, oval face tighten.


Diseases of the thyroid gland

Irregularities in the thyroid gland often mate with sudden weight gain or significant loss in a short time. In addition, if you gain weight when sick thyroid gland, you may be affected by the neck, and to a large extent. If you find signs of malfunction of the thyroid gland, the second chin is not your main problem. All the power you need to throw on the treatment and the cosmetic issues can be resolved after will be successfully resolved health issues.


Ptosis in adulthood

Ptosis of soft tissues due to loss of elasticity leads to the formation of the second chin, from which it is difficult to get rid of cosmetic ways. If at a young enough age to reduce the thickness of fat and tighten the skin yourself, in adulthood need to tighten tissue and skin. To pull up chin due to age-related sagging will have to seek help from professionals and find intensive cosmetic lifting care.


Mechanical deformation

Sleep on a high pillow, reading, lying on the bed in position when the head is almost perpendicular to the body, as well as bad posture with porublennoy upside down cause the tissue in the chin area remember this position. Nothing surprising in the fact that in a short time you may find a double chin, even if you have absolutely no hints of the excess weight and fullness of the face.

To prevent this you can prevent – sleep in a comfortable horizontal pillow, posture and gait analysis with simultaneous application of cosmetic and mechanical impact on the problem area.


The solution to the problem of double chin

  • Gymnastics and massage. Both of these techniques are easy to apply yourself, as they are aimed at kneading the fat folds and its subsequent reduction. And exercises, and massage it is better to perform, causing the chin cream to the skin and tissues were softened and was not subjected to a severe injury due to spontaneous unprepared stretching.

The most basic methods of gymnastics – compression of the chin to the chest by rolling in one and the other side bends neck. Exercise resistance with the activation of a muscle: lean his elbows on the table, put his fists under his chin, push bottom fists, giving adequate resistance using the muscles of the neck and lower jaw.

Massage chin spend carefully: do not stretch the skin and stretch it pinched light movements across the surface. Complete massage patting the back of his hand up to his chin. After exercise, and massage can be applied firming mask on the skin or a Pat on the chin with a towel dipped in cold water.

  • Cosmetology. If the second you have a small chin, in a beauty salon can offer a procedure lipomodelling using mesotherapy cocktails that breaks down fat. If a significant layer of fat, you may be shown a professional modeling facial massage, which can be done at any age, adjusted for the fact that the second chin is a layer of fat, and not age-related ptosis loose skin.

Performance against the chin of different etiology demonstrates the procedure of the radio lifting (or Thermage), and the result can be noted after the first session. After a course of radio lifting, representing the effect on the subcutaneous fat of the electromagnetic radio frequency waves that generate heat, you will notice not only the disappearance of fat, but also an effective tightening of the facial contours.

Vacuum massage is the most gentle method of hardware cosmetology to get rid of double chin. If you don’t have skin problems, integrity, acne, vacuum massage can get rid of fat on the chin, but it is not suitable in the case of age-related ptosis of tissues, as it can aggravate laxity.

  • Operation. Surgery is always a radical remedy, but in the case of a second chin operation takes place in a short time and has no long-term rehabilitation period. The operation to eliminate fat in the chin area called mini-liposuction. The doctor makes small incisions, through which is extended the adipose tissue. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia and takes about an hour. Next, the patient should wear a compression bandage for about three days.

After any of the methods of eliminating double chin you need to take all measures for the conservation of this provision. Even the results of the operation can fade if you are returned to their former way of life.

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