второй подбородокFat deposits under the lower jaw lead to stretching and sagging skin, resulting in a second chin. A similar problem can occur in any person because of the individual anatomical structure and volume of fat in the area of chin, but more often than double chin is observed in elderly and in people with excess body weight. In some cases, the formation of double chin due to hereditary reasons. Actually, from chin to get rid of you, but you need to make some efforts.

The double chin for many people is a source of discontent and certain psychological problems. People understand that this is not makes it attractive and closes itself. Many believe that double chin immediately makes it clear that its «owner» is not young, suffers from obesity or is not ideal physical form. Often such an anatomical feature causes low self-esteem and development of major systems.

To resolve the second chin is possible with the help of plastic surgery or liposuction procedures, but for starters, you can try to change her appearance on its own, primarily by changing lifestyle and nutrition. There are also home remedies available that can help prevent the development of the second chin or reduce an existing one.


The causes of the second chin

To determine the strategy of the struggle with the second chin, you need to clearly understand its causes.

  • Genetic factor

Look closely to their parents and other relatives. If most of them there is a double chin, most likely in your case is to blame genetics. For the accumulation of fat cells and fluid retention in the body to meet certain genes, and they blame for the formation of the second chin on genetic type. Many people think that hereditary chin to get rid impossible, actually it not absolutely so. Changing lifestyle and eating habits, you can achieve significant progress in improving their appearance.

  • Age-related changes

Age-related changes is the main reason for the appearance of the second chin people of middle age. With age, the skin and muscles lose their tone, and the destruction of fat cells slow down substantially. In this case, very effective in a variety of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the face and neck.

  • Overweight

The presence of excess weight is one of the most common reasons for the formation of the second chin. If you suffer from obesity or excess fatty deposits, the second assignment is a natural consequence of your condition. Even in the absence of excess weight, the second chin can be a result of lack of physical activity and abuse of sweet and fatty foods.


How to get rid of double chin

To completely get rid of double chin, you can use cosmetic and surgical procedures, such as lipolysis, liposuction, facelifts, and so on, but do not forget that such events are quite expensive and not affordable to everyone.

The most simple, but requires serious motivation way of dealing with fat in the area of chin is the rejection of bad habits and a qualitative change in lifestyle and diet.

In sales can be found creams with a firming effect, as a rule, the manufacturers claim that the presence of natural extracts and active ingredients in the cream helps to get rid of double chin, but in fact, such funds do not have proper effect.

Regular physical activity, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the neck, face and chin helps improve skin tone and strengthen your muscles, responsible for supporting his chin. Special exercises are an integral part of the program of elimination of double chin in the home.

  • Exercise 1. open wide your mouth, raise and lower jaw, as if trying something it to scoop. You’ll notice that when this movement lower teeth will touch on the lower lip. Repeat 15 times. This exercise can be done several times a day.
  • Exercise 2. Lift your chin, and close / open mouth, as if you chew gum. You should feel the strained jaw.
  • Exercise 3. Stand or sit up straight, draw the upper lip up as possible, hold this for polojenii seconds. Repeat several times a day.
  • Exercise 4. Lift your head to the ceiling and open your mouth as wide as possible. Tightly squeeze the lips and count to 10. This exercise is perfectly strengthens the muscles of the lower face.

More smile and talk. Movement of his chin and jaw while talking and smiles also helps to reduce a double chin.

Correct posture plays far not last role in preserving the beautiful and clear line of his chin. Try to go and sit with your back straight, no slouch and not lose your head.

Home remedies for dealing with the second chin is absolutely harmless and available. Certainly, natural products do not have an instant effect, but long-term use can be quite productive.


Chewing gum without sugar

To get rid of double chin, you must pay enough attention to the strengthening of muscles of face and neck and chewing gum as well as possible to cope with this task. The main chewing gum without sugar.

When the second chin is quite effective massage with coconut oil or butter wheat germ. Daily at bedtime massage the lower part of the chin and neck for 10-15 minutes, leave the oil on the night and morning, rinse well.


Wraps for chin

To reduce body fat in the area of chin help special wraps. To do this, apply on the skin with mineral oil, and cover the chin plastic bag or a warm towel, leave for 45 minutes.

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