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Life goes on as usual. Quietly sharpening his thought: it would be necessary to lose weight, get yourself in order to play sports. But not now, better Monday, with the first number, the closer to the summer. And suddenly it turns out that you can not strain particularly, but buy Chinese diet pills. Drugs such mass – choose literally for every taste and color, and circle of friends will surely find the one that is already tried in this way to reduce weight and… alive.

It remains only to go to a local pharmacy to with surprise and disappointment to learn that tablets for beauty and harmony of the body from China there. It turns out that for several years the import of such drugs in our country is strictly prohibited, and for their dissemination, storage and transport face a very real criminal responsibility, as for the same actions with potent narcotic and psychotropic substances. Where is this “hate” at the state level for effective sort of drugs? Look at the examples.

Browse popular Chinese slimming pills

Capsules Lida – notorious tool for weight reduction, produced in China by the company “Gave”. The manufacturer promised the ladies of impressive volumes transformation into a lean effortlessly and panic attacks of hunger. An added bonus was getting rid of cellulite. The composition of “Lida” was positioned as the only natural and harmless.

But in fact the pill was developed for people in real horror, accompanied by more than just headaches and diarrhea, and even fainting, convulsions, dry mouth, complete lack of appetite, hallucinations. Yes, to lose weight were able to all, but to restore health – just some that after the drug has experienced a real narcotic breaking.

капсулы «Лида

The drug Bilit – another product from the Chinese manufacturer Was. This is a relatively new tool that is also proud of its naturalness and presence in the composition of the gifts of nature, and as a “bonus” – the inner lining of chicken gizzards. The capsules are designed to help not only in the “vector” the fight against fat reserves in problem areas, but also in the General improvement of the body, which lies in a few key moments. However, side effects from Belita” is very similar to the one that gets up with the psyche and physiology of the previous tool.

Capsules “Bomb” is another striking example of what Chinese pills for weight loss, not being a drug with a fully tested and approved by the membership, popular due to the bright advertising slogans manufacturer. The main component means is ironicaly geneextracted from exotic plants and is able to “smash the fat into pieces”. In addition, the composition contains extracts and other herbs, as well as L-carnitine, health and the benefits which it is possible to speak only when there is sufficient physical activity. So it may be worthwhile to losing weight in the gym without using questionable tablets?

Wild plants “Butterfly” in a bright box – that should cause extreme degree of confidence among consumers. Brilliant and the name itself. The herbs are all natural, butterfly lightness and the feeling of flying. However, when studying the composition of the capsules can already understand that a revolutionary slimming treatment with this drug will occur due to intensive cleansing of the intestine and excretion of excess fluid, which may result in the strongest deficiency and dehydration.

Capsules “Czinczar” is another Chinese novelty, consisting of fruit extracts and enriched with vitamins. The active substance of the drug inhibit fat synthesis and break down existing ones. In the composition of the most common fruits: orange, Apple, kiwi, and guarana, which due to its nature, is perhaps the most popular tools components for weight reduction. The manufacturer guarantees that the tablets are completely non-toxic and harmless, however, many consumers have reasons to disagree with this.

“Ganoderma” is the name of a family of fungi TrueView, and at the same time the name of another popular Chinese slimming pills. The main component of dietary Supplement is the extract of the fungus. The capsules can promise fast weight loss but also improve the complexion, skin and hair. Cheerful assurances that the lost pounds will be gone forever – it’s good, but reviews about the symptoms of poisoning forest “miracle” make you think about what these victims beauty is not worth it.

Tablets Goutsu” is the new all from the same company “Gave”. The formula is herbal vinegar and herbal extracts, some of which are not even mentioned in medical and phytotherapeutic directories. The manufacturer claims that the capsules will help to solve even the problems that other drugs not under force. But a formal assessment of bad not been performed, therefore, the effectiveness and consequences of taking Goutsu” remains to experience trusting slimming on ourselves.

Nobody authentically cannot tell what is inside bright capsules. And the presence of psychotropic substances, such as sibutramine and fenfluramine, is not excluded. Meanwhile, the real loss in Chinese, which is widespread in the country, and the world is different gymnastic techniques, which help not only to lose weight, but also to harmonize your inner world. The effect is not as rapid as we would like, but certainly far more secure.


Alina, 39 years. Took “Lida”, but for a long time, 8 years ago. Friends brought a gift of China. Then bought myself. In total, saw tablet 6 months, dropped due to the fact that there are many fakes. Weight went easily, hunger is not felt, was a burst of energy, stood out a lot of sweat, although the sport was not engaged. The weight was gone for a long time, “naeli” I lost only two years later.

Dasha, 27 years. After birth found that scored 12 extra kg On the advice of a friend decided to use the Bomb, she really helped me. The effect estimate did not, on the third day started wildly vomiting, after a week of terrible vomiting and diarrhea. Forces was not absolutely, walked through the wall, head just split. Lost only from the complete “cleansing” the body”, and then 4 kg just that after receiving and returning to normal life again gained.

Maria, 42 years. Gained extra 18 kg, came to herself, when her husband began to stare at the young. Friend advised “Belait”. Took a month, the weight has gone on a bit, not as promised by the manufacturer, and wanted me. Of the side effects is insomnia, irritability in the first week. The drug is no, not worth the money. It’s good that the dependence does not appear.


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