Already in the last century beauticians began to offer its customers the procedures to wrap up warm chocolate mass. Since this kind of procedure has gained immense number of fans, which is not surprising, because this procedure rejuvenates the body, removes cellulite bumps and at the same time relaxes, eliminates irritability and fatigue.

Use chocolate wraps — Cenny fatty acids in cocoa beans together with vitamin C provide a tonic effect, stimulate the burning of fat, nourish the skin, making it young and beautiful.

Procedure a chocolate wrap at the salon

In the salons of chocolate body wraps start with a whole body treatment with chocolate scrub for a few minutes, so the skin is cleansed, improves blood circulation and opens pores. Then applied the chocolate mousse, which has a pleasant chocolate smell, and wrap the top with plastic wrap.

All this is covered with an oxygen capsule to maintain the desired temperature. Thanks to the active components mousse deeply penetrate into the skin layers. The whole procedure lasts for 30 minutes, then the patient takes a shower. The last step applied to the skin peanut butter, which quickly softens, moisturizes and nourishes it.

Chocolate body wrap at home

This procedure can be done at home. You will need special products based on chocolate or cocoa powder. Take a warm shower just before the procedure. Cocoa powder is diluted with hot water, and then the resulting mass is applied on the body for 30 minutes, top all wrapped in film, and is insulated with a thermal blanket. After rinsing, apply a moisturizing lotion.

Contraindications for the procedure chocolate wrapping

So, chocolate wrap in no event it is impossible to implement:

— if problems with blood vessels;

— in diseases of the skin;

— in the presence of tumors;

— in diseases of the liver and kidneys;

— if you are hypersensitive cocoa.

Chocolate wrap is an amazing procedure that will certainly need to please your skin.

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