диета для контроля уровня холестерина

Cholesterol is an organic compound (fat), which is produced by the body itself and partially absorbed from food. Its the norm in the blood for different age ranges. For example, an adult is considered adequate amount of cholesterol in the range from 5.2 to 6.2 mmol/L. increasing increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In this case, it may help cholesterol diet, which is prescribed by the doctor after conducting appropriate laboratory studies.

Causes and consequences of high cholesterol

Cholesterol plays an important role in the human body, because it is the building blocks for cells of all organs. It is also a key element in the functioning of the immune and nervous system, a required element in the production of vitamin D and the number of male and female hormones. Most cholesterol is produced by the body itself (about 80%), the remaining part is absorbed from food (about 20%). There are two types of substances:

  • “Good” cholesterol or high lipoprotein. Its molecules are highly soluble and do not settle on the walls of blood vessels.
  • “Bad” cholesterol or low-molecular lipoprotein. Its molecules are practically not soluble, so intensely deposited on the walls of blood vessels, reducing their clearance and clogging plaques.

The reasons for the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood increases to a larger extent on the bad habits of the person and number of violations of systems that affect the production of cholesterol. Particularly at risk are people who have excess weight, abnormalities in the kidneys, liver and endocrine system, smoke regularly convey, lead sedentary lifestyles and unbalanced feed. Cholesterol diet is aimed at eliminating all those incorrect factors of diet and lifestyle of the person.

Women in menopause are also at increased formation of cholesterol plaques. Recent medical research has revealed that at this time there is a sharp increase of cholesterol by 5-10 %, which is directly related to hormonal changes in the body. Regular presence in human blood high levels of “bad” cholesterol has far-reaching adverse consequences for health:

  • disease of the coronary arteries and peripheral vessels;
  • diabetes is caused by an imbalance between “good” and “bad” cholesterol;
  • hypertension. Due to clogged blood vessels, the heart must contract more often in order to pump the required volume of blood through the artery. As a result of increased pressure and stress on the heart;
  • heart attack and stroke, i.e. full or partial cessation of the flow of blood to the heart or the brain;
  • high risk of cancer.

The basic rules and principles cholesterol diet

The method of supply was developed for patients suffering from high cholesterol and cardio vascular system. The rules of the diet correspond to the therapeutic table No. 10. If properly observing the level of cholesterol in the blood can be reduced by 10-15 %, even without the use of specialized drugs. The basic rules of the diet are as follows:

  1. Inclusion in the daily diet products, siaosi cholesterol and refusal to eat, which objectively improves the figure. Useful foods include vegetable fats, lean meat and fish, milk and dairy products with low fat sources of complex carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. Harmful are sweets, fatty meat, lard, meat subproducts, some seafood, spicy food, coffee, pastry, pickling and salting, snacks and fast food.
    продукты снижающие и повышающие холестерин
  2. Chemical composition of the food should look as follows: protein – 90 g fat 70 g, carbohydrates – 400 g, g 5-6 g-free liquid – 1.5 l
  3. Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Compliance cholesterol diet will not bring the desired therapeutic effect without giving up bad habits (Smoking and alcohol) and regular physical activity. You can choose dancing, fitness club and swimming pool, Jogging in the morning or just Hiking at least 30-40 minutes a day. Choose the intensity of the activity that corresponds to your state of health.

Sample menu for a week

Monday. Breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, oatmeal with your favorite fruit and green tea. For lunch you can make soup made with vegetable broth with the addition of cereals, steam cutlets of chicken with a side dish of vegetables. As a dessert bake an Apple with a spoon of honey. Excellent dinner will be baked fish with boiled rice and a salad of steamed vegetables. As a dressing for the salad is better to use olive oil.

Tuesday. Breakfast consists of buckwheat porridge, low-fat cheese, drink a drink with chicory is very effective for cleansing products. For lunch you can prepare vegetable soup with the addition of pearl barley; steam cutlets from the low-fat varieties of beef; vegetable salad. In the evening, enough to eat vegetable salad with low-fat dressing of sour cream and fish, cooked in tomato sauce.

Environment. Breakfast – serving porridge with milk, broth hips, low-fat cheese. For lunch you can prepare vegetable soup, boiled chicken with vegetables. For dinner, you can bake the casserole with your favorite fruit.

Thursday. For Breakfast, prepare salad with carrots, dressed with low-fat sour cream, yogurt and whole grain bread. For lunch, boil the chicken, make vegetable salad in olive oil and scusate a slice of wholegrain bread. As dinner can eat low-fat cottage cheese with a spoon of honey and Apple.

Friday. Breakfast consists of oatmeal, cooked in low-fat milk and broth hips. For lunch you can cook soup made with vegetable broth, steamed Pollock and baked potatoes. In the evening, prepare a salad from fresh cabbage, olive oil, a portion of buckwheat porridge and a slice of boiled chicken without skin.

Saturday. Tomorrow consists of steam omelets and chicory with milk. For lunch, prepare a vegetable soup with rice cereal, boiled low-fat fish and vegetables. As a prepare dinner baked fish, boiled potatoes and scusate orange or half a grapefruit.

Sunday. Breakfast consists of vegetable salad with your favorite spicy seasoning, olive oil, low-fat cheese, whole grain bread, tea with lemon. For lunch you can prepare vegetable soup with wheat groats, cooked white meat and garnish with roasted vegetables. As dinner cook oatmeal cereal with Apple and drink with chicory.

Dishes that are not only healthy, but also delicious

A fruit salad. Finely crumble Apple (1pc.), banana (1 piece), orange, kiwi fruit (1 piece), mix thoroughly and season the dish low-fat sour cream or natural yogurt without food additives.

Vegetable salad. Finely chop the cabbage (200 gr.), carrots (1 piece) and fresh herbs (dill, parsley, green onion to your taste). You can add cucumbers, and for fullness protein of cooked eggs. Mix thoroughly and season with olive oil. Use other recipes saladsthat help to control weight and cholesterol levels.

блюда для холестериновой диеты

Vegetable soup with pearl barley. In vegetable broth (1 liter) add pearl barley (0.5 cups) and cook for 30-40 minutes until tender. Then the broth is introduced chopped potatoes (1 piece), leek (1 piece), carrots (1 piece), bell pepper (2 pieces). Once the vegetables are ready, add 1 tbsp of vegetable oil and fresh herbs.

Delicate souffle cooked meat. Boiled beef or chicken breast (200g) turn around through a meat grinder. On a dry pan, fry whole wheat flour (1 tbsp) and milk (40 ml). Join the minced meat with the mixture. There also add one yolk, then entered beaten egg white and gently stir. The form (you can use a little silicone cupcake tins) lubricated with vegetable oil, meat filled mass and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes. You can cook this dish in multiverse.

Not only eating healthy food can help lower cholesterol. There are many folk remedies for effective cleaning of vessels from plaque, which can be a great addition to the diet and will allow you to abandon expensive drugs. Remember that all plant components also have their individual contraindications that may tell the doctor.


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