Among the various facilities on the care of the special place occupies herbal cosmetics, which are always present extracts of medicinal herbs and nutritional oils. The company Yves Rocher, positioning itself as a manufacturer of «green» cosmetics, won the leading positions on the market of beauty products. Special recognition among Russian consumers are shower gels with exotic aromas, means of lifting-care for face and body, and, of course, aromas with recognizable corporate style of the French perfumers.
Выбираем «зеленую» косметику3
The popularity of this cosmetics says a large number of feedback from consumers. On the website Yves Rocher product testimonials leave anyone can. In addition, there are a huge number of Internet sites where users have the ability to share experiences from the application of cosmetics, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Very often the reviews to help those who are just discovering the popular French brand, determine the choice of the necessary funds.

World of Yves Rocher cosmetics diverse, the number of products produced by the company, is in the thousands. Every year specialists develop 30 new formulas of cosmetics. The appearance in the sale of such new products are waiting for millions of fans of the brand. The holiday dates company often produces limited collections of popular tools in tubes or vials with a special design.
Выбираем «зеленую» косметику
The advantages of the plant cosmetics include the beneficial effects of natural components on the skin and hair. However, such cosmetics has some drawbacks: its the caution should be used for people who are prone to allergies. Every body is different and may not accept one or the other plant components. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, allergies should carefully read product reviews, to study composition and be sure to test the tool before its use.

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