Nail care is a daunting task, requiring attention, patience and perseverance. That is why the process of selecting a manicure table is an important detail. If you are going to open a nail salon or want to upgrade an existing one, check out some of the features of such designs.

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The manicure table is a mandatory attribute for a comfortable nail. There are both budget models, and samples of premium class. In what may be the difference, as seemingly they are no different?

In the design of the workplace need to be concerned about the overall design of the room. To think about colors of walls, ceilings and floors. The chair can be combined with the overall color scheme, and can be contrasted. Do not forget about the comfort in the room — plastic Windows in Izhevsk — the best solution for nail of the Cabinet. Soundproofing, teploizolyaciya, ease of care and ability to manufacture custom solutions will surely make the office cozy, warm and welcome for the customers.

Classification manicure tables

The appearance of all similar tables to find which table is better is not an easy task. Usually it is a table with a huge number of different shelves and cabinets. But similarity of appearance, the tables can be divided by grade:

Cost-effective option. The minimum number of compartments for storing manicure equipment. No holder for the hand, preventing slipping. The obvious advantage is the price. At low cost, such models are becoming starting their activities salons or home use.

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A classic option. The data tables are the most popular. Have all the necessary boxes and strips. Kickstand for hands. The low price is achieved through the use of inexpensive materials in the production.

The premium class. A range of practical and aesthetic loving all people. Patterned countertops, bright colors and stylish combination of all the details combined with full functionality are the index of these tables. Usually in the configuration tables premium comes magnifier lamp and Sundry items to facilitate the process of building up and manicure.

Choose wisely

Now on the market there are many different models and variations of manicure tables. To choose the suitable for you is not difficult. And do not have to spend a ton of money in the pursuit of table premium. There are similar in practicality and comfort models at lower prices.

Make your work more comfortable and raise the bar of service to a new level.

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