Those who have already graduated from training courses modeling artificial nails, just need to understand the materials. We must learn to choose the products of high quality, at the same time not paraplatin. No one, no secret, often just for the brand go big fraud.
Выбираем материалы для наращивания ногтей
Before you pay, whether gel, acrylic, or Biogel, ask the seller a certificate of quality for these products.

Cosmetic products are not only decorative cosmetics, to the same category of goods includes materials for nail extension. Because the market is now more competition materials and tools necessary for nail service, it becomes possible to achieve excellent quality at a low enough price. Beginners in this business, will not be superfluous to communicate with colleagues on nail modeling, to listen to their advice and based on this, to make the right choice. You should not constantly experimenting, stop for one brand that has proven itself.
Выбираем материалы для наращивания ногтей3
All products of this category are United in system. In order to get the perfect result, you must use the materials for nail modeling it in the complex. All the matter in the chemical composition of the drugs, the manufacturer selects so that ideally they interacted with each other, as a result, the nails will be beautiful and durable. And if you decide to replace one composition to another, will violate technology manufacturer. The result can be unpredictable, one thing is clear, nobody in this case does not guarantee excellent result. Having carefully reviewed the technology and the drug, following all the instructions given by the manufacturer, any difficulties in work will not occur. The main thing to love their job and refers to this with all seriousness and responsibility.

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