Today, the Network can find as many master classes for the manufacture of home decorations, frames or jewellery with their hands, that even those who have never engaged in needlework, you surely want to try themselves in this rather simple but exciting деле.Самым popular type of needlework is molding of polymer clay jewelry and decorative items for other jobs, for example, the modeling of small details for decoration of the frames.
Выбираем полимерную глину для украшений
Many techniques for working with polymer clay allows you to choose the most simple and convenient for you method, and gradually improve their skills. But sometimes, even defined what exactly you want to sculpt, it is very difficult to drop where to start – what clay to buy and how to use it. Choosing polymer clay is important to remember that polymer clay for beginners should be of medium softness. Too solid clay is not suitable for modeling of small parts, but with a soft plastic difficult to work with, because he always keeps the shape, which he gives master.

When choosing clay ornaments do not buy kits with lots of colored bricks polymer clay – clay is easily painted with acrylic paints. For the beginning it is better to take only the colors that you exactly want to see in their jewellery or those which are pleasant for you – molding thermoplastic quite a long process and you want it to bring you only pleasure.
Выбираем полимерную глину для украшений1
Also, when you plastics should pay attention to what conditions must be met in order for it hardened. In any store you can find a polymer clay, which hardens in the air and one that should be mandatory thermal processing. However, some types of plastics can be boiled in water, and some (such as gel Fimo) must bake at a certain temperature.

Article publication date: November 9, 2013

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