Not often women are completely satisfied her figure. Some are unhappy with your hips other breast, third waist etc. Even many world renowned actress and artist, whose daily show on TV, also have complexes due to the weight and other characteristics of the shape. These women are simple rules to follow that they have simply learned to dress and to only show their advantages and disadvantages skillfully hide. Next, we describe what it should be women’s clothing to a shape.
Выбираем женскую одежду по фигуре3
Owners of a shape reminiscent of a pear, women with narrow shoulders, with them not even the most magnificent thighs seem to be voluminous. Usually these women breast medium in size, and the waist is either selected or not. When choosing clothes main task is to hide the visible
disproportionate. This will help loose skirt and pants, sometimes suited bottoms of the tribe. Surely we can wear blouses, jackets and jackets with hangers, they visually expand your shoulders. Importantly, the length of the topline, must not drop below the hips, it makes an extra emphasis on them.

Women with the figure in the form of an Apple have a rectangular shape of the body, when the width of shoulders and hips at the same level, and the waist is not expressed. Legs more often these women are slender, therefore, attention should be focused on them. Clothing should visually pulling silhouette, this helps the straight vertical line, or a drawing. Try to avoid bright colors, ornaments and figures, especially in the decollete. Skirts and trousers with high waist lengthen legs and disguise extra pounds on the waist.
Выбираем женскую одежду по фигуре
Women with the figure in the shape of an hourglass always attract the attention of not only men, but also envious of women. With a body like that, you can afford to absolutely everything, to emphasize the waist, hips and Breasts.

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