Диор DiorName Christian Dior for every woman who is not indifferent to fashion, bears something of their own. For some, this is a New Look with a wasp waist and a full skirt-bell, for other bottle of perfume «Poison». Be that as it may, Dior is a whole universe, which continues for many years after its founder died. Christian Dior is a favorite brand of celebrities who choose their outfits for social events of international importance and those who can’t afford the dress «from Dior», buy a cult, «Poison». But the parents of the couturier were categorically opposed to their son contacted Bohemia.



Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Granville, in the North of France, in a very wealthy family. Mother and father to education of their son a lot of time and dreamed of seeing his diplomat. But since small years, Christian plunged into creative work and dreamed of becoming an architect. He enjoys drawing, architecture fully occupied all his thoughts, then he has consistently expressed, in its collections, of which it is impossible not to notice this love. Parents have dissuaded him from this class, it first obeyed and began studying politics, but soon returned to himself, and went his own way, seeking dreams.

In 1928 Dior other Jacques Бонжаком he opened the art gallery exhibits the paintings of great masters, but the business failed. Ten years later, the life brought him to fashion designer Robert 비교, but only after serving in the army in 1941 Dior started a full career in the Parisian fashion house Lucien Lelong. The following year, he opened perfumery production, and as a couturier became famous only after five years.


New Look

In 1946, thanks to the outside financing in Paris opened a fashion house Christian Dior. Next 1947 rightly called the turning not only for Dior, but for the entire world of fashion. He made a revolution, forcing revise the established forms of the female silhouette. Dior helped his youthful interest in architecture, which he successfully applied in its debut collection. Thus was born the new look – style, which was not just new. With the advent of fashion history started a new countdown.

Draperies, flowing skirts, tight silhouettes were left in the past. Canons of Haute Couture with its complex forms and pretentiousness, seemed поруганными. Dior tightened lady’s waist, making it the aspen, suggested skirt rigid form as a bell to the ankles. Corset style (which, of course, found a lot of opponents) raised the chest and sketched the ideal figure hourglass. Images of the new look have been supplemented by a wide-brimmed hat with a rigid frame forms, but with sleek lines.

Wearing Dior women who have not had time to recover from a deprivation of the Second World war, feel goddesses. The debut collection of Dior also included narrow skirts, close-fitting jackets buttoned – all this, despite the seeming simplicity and plainness captured the hearts of the Parisians. They have not thought about what Christian Dior returns the fashion of the nineteenth century with its corsets and full skirts. It was a new interpretation of the female image, which has successfully entered the evolution of the world fashion industry.

Giddy success designer-debutant served him well, making a decent reputation. Dior began to create costumes for theatrical productions, his dresses and costumes can be seen in movies of the fifties. Style Christian Dior became a symbol of femininity, elegance, luxury and good taste that previously did not often come together in one name. In 1948, the issue of service under this brand was established already in several major cities around the world, innovative style Dior was successfully adopted and in the Old and New world. In 1950 Christian Dior was awarded the Legion of honour.

Since the advent of the new look to his departure from life Christian Dior success to work for ten years. All these years, he fruitfully worked, when introducing two collections every year. His model has always reflected his childhood dreams, desires, and passions. It was not only the architecture, Dior endlessly dreaming on a flower theme, surprising the audience with original masterpieces, in which interwoven fashion and theatre art. He did not tolerate местечковости in fashion, he was against the greyness and ordinary style.


Legacy of the wizard

Couturier could consider young talents, which, in his opinion, could bring innovative solutions to the current fashion. In 1955, he took on a young Yves Saint Laurent, who two years later, after the sudden death of the master, stood at the head of his house.

Dior spoke about his work: «Dress – it’s my dreams, but I приручаю them, and they leave the land of dreams, become things that you can put on and wear. Fashion lives a life of its own, according to its own laws, which other laws are beyond». They say that Christian Dior turned the world of fashion quite by accident, and he didn’t deny it. Critics have argued that the new look became unexpectedly popular, because Dior guessed the desire of women. He himself couturier has admitted that he never figured out. He simply followed his dream, the implementation of which has brought joy not only to him, but all women of the world.

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