Christian LouboutinIt seems that the brand Christian Louboutin has always existed, because his brilliant and simple red sole is in line with the little black dress Chanel, a mini-skirt or a way New Look from Christian Dior. But in reality women wear their favorite «лубутены» only from the nineties, it was then was founded brand, which will be the object of worship for all fashionistas of the world.


The right of beautiful shoes

Brand Christian Louboutin is hardly able to become such a popular and cult, what it is, not whether its founder charismatic, talented and creative парижанином, who looked larger than the other and did not hesitate to offer revolutionary solutions in the likeness of his shoes. Christian lubuto was born in the French capital in 1963. Interest to the image women’s shoes was born to him in childhood. Recognition wizard, at eight years old he went to the Museum of Oceanography, in which it was forbidden to walk in the shoes able to scratch the beautiful Museum floor. This event with the symbol of the crossed-out shoes is so etched in his memory that he had already started to think about how you can enable women to wear nice and comfortable shoes that won’t interfere with neither they nor others.

His youth was in the middle of the seventies, when the world of fashion underwent considerable changes. Over the sexual revolution, it is time to liberty, when all you can, including clothing, where began the mad style and color mixing, sometimes inferior place classically elegant clothes. Shoes seventies was far from the feminine in its common sense. Fashion was heavy platforms and returned mary-janes with jumper-strap on the ankle. Among women was not too great choice of shoes that were truly beautiful and would cause delight. These shoes wanted to create a lubuto and did it, though a bit later.


The first steps in the industry

In eighteen years old he set off to learn the craft of shoemaker house in Charles Jourdan, which produced a true expert and connoisseur of all subtleties of this skill. Inspired by the shoes Parisian cabaret dancers, lubuto became increasingly aware of the importance of a woman beautiful, dainty shoes, which would be comfortable, where you could spend all day and even dance. The basis of such footwear is comfortable pad, the creation of which he dreamed. Before the opening of his case he has worked for Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. The latest brand on strange coincidence of circumstances will be his opponent on the high-profile legal case in the new Millennium.

The first Louboutin shoes, which he himself designed and launched, provocative had the shape of an egg, open the inner part of the foot. He released as an independent designer, and in 1991 Christian lubuto founded his own brand named after him. At the same time opened the first shop Christian Louboutin in Paris, which quickly gained the attention of the regulars antique shops located nearby.


Birth of the red soles

Red sole, which became the hallmark of Christian Louboutin shoes, was invented accidentally. A collection of shoes came out of production, but the master was not quite satisfied. It was good, no one argued nor the quality, nor with the design, but Лубутену it seemed that these shoes something missing, something that would stand out from the masses of other shoes. Suddenly he saw one of his employees near paints nails red lacquer Chanel. Borrowing the bottle, he painted the soles of new shoes – it was what you need. It was so simple and so genius, after all, the red sole shoes have not yet produced none.


A variety of fashion «handwriting»

It is difficult to find a celebrity, that would be indifferent to a cult «лубутенам». This sole conquered the world of fashion and stared wide-eyed stares down to туфелькам immodestly burning brightest crimson color. Since then, Christian Louboutin shoes are considered to be attributes of elegant luxury. Business women wear them to work, celebrities wear them under formal dresses critical activities, the adepts of the romantic style in clothes, too, may not pass by this shoes because Christian Louboutin is not only a laconic style, but originality, romantic and fashionable shock.

Brand Christian Louboutin always keeps pace with the current trends, not changing itself. The model sharp Cape, rounded toe, studs, rivets, lace, a crocodile or a snake-skin, these boots successfully connects fashion and style, the pomp of luxury and laconic elegance, daring chic and tranquility of femininity. Lubuto not afraid to experiment, creating combinations and forms, which are not dared to others. But all forgive, because if he did, it is good conclusive in fashion circles fact.


Recognition of the uniqueness of

In 2011 Christian lubuto filed a lawsuit directly against the two fashion houses – Carmen Steffens and Yves Saint Laurent, who include in their collections of shoes with red soles. How did they dare to encroach on the fact that he invented – invented spontaneously, easily and gracefully over the years in strengthening this distinctive fact as a symbol of your brand? At first it seemed that Лубутену not win the case, because the red soles is simply a red soles, and it was never mentioned that he has this exclusive rights. But unexpectedly, the claim was satisfied, and the red outsole Christian Louboutin was registered as a protected trademark.

Certainly there will be more copies, they are today. But not in scarlet soles case. Shoes Christian Louboutin is not just a comfortable and beautiful shoes, and an asset to the fashion industry, which nobody and nothing can replace it.

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