новогоднее платье для полных женщинThe New year is always an occasion to update your wardrobe by buying at least one fashion dresses in festive style. For women with curvaceous acquisition dressy models can be a problem, because many of them do not know the rules of selecting the right dress for this solemn occasion. Christmas dress for fat women can be both bright and minimalistic in style and design, if you want to pay attention to the accessories in their way. The main thing when buying is to choose your dress, accentuating her strengths and mask weaknesses.


Dress with sleeves “bat”

новогоднее платье с рукавами летучая мышь для полных женщинFull hands can be covered by wide free sleeve “bat”, which again became a popular model for festive dresses gone after the fashion of the 80s and 90s. The sleeves of the dress should be made of thin flowing fabric to delicately cover the problem area. Choose dress can be made of the same thin and thicker fabric. The sleeves are comfortable for you choose the length – to mid-shoulder or elbow, but they should not be too short, if you have a massive upper hand.

To make the upper area of the body more graceful, discard large pieces and rounded neckline, and the dress with the sparkly trim on the bodice.


Dress with high waist

новогоднее платье с завышенной талией для полных женщинOptions similar dresses a lot. Here and Greek fashion dresses of the finest fabrics with flowing Drapes at the waist, loose at the waist, which hides fat on the stomach. Another common use is to dress in the Empire style, high waist which also hides the bulging belly. These dresses will help easily dress up on new year’s eve ball women with a figure of “Apple”, but you need to keep in mind that there is a risk to look overweight or pregnant. Under dress wear shapewear, and skirt choose from lung tissue flying” that will not encircle the stomach.

To divert attention from problem areas, is to move it up or down. In the first case, you will help large necklace on the neck, beautiful finish of the bodice or a festive styling. In the second – the original design of the skirt below the knee (asymmetry or high-low), as well as shoes eye-catching design, bright colors or with attractive 3D decor.


Dress with contrasting bodice and skirt

новогоднее платье с контрастными лифом и юбкой для полных женщинDress, where the bodice and skirt created from different materials, differ in color and texture is always a great way to divert attention away from figure flaws. This trick to use full women and during selection of Christmas dresses in which may be present elements of decor, not typical of other styles. Of course, it Shine, Shine, sequins, rhinestones, crystals.

The main rule remains immutable: it cannot be emphasized glitter or bright/bright shade areas that I would like to hide, because they need matte dark fabric. Another area of the body can be allocated to these design refinements, and in any case you will benefit by not being dressed in a holiday in everyday clothes.

If you have large Breasts and heavy upper body, stop for a dress with a dark smooth top, V-neck with a bright full skirt with ruffles, chiffon layers, tiers. If conversely, you attractive upper body, heavy hips, prefer a dressy top, 3D decor, lifu, rasshitomu sequins at skirt a neat-fitting or slightly divergent down silhouette.


Dress with asymmetrical bodice

новогоднее платье с асимметричным лифом для полных женщинAsymmetry is very popular in clothes for larger women, and the holidays will be a case where you can fearlessly to clothe the figure in this dress cut. If you have beautiful hands, choose dress one shoulder, but the strap is not meant to be thin. If you can’t afford too to access this area, choose an asymmetrical bodice with draperies, with heterogeneous design, with large distracting decor on one side – this could be big flower, bow.

The asymmetrical bodice of the dress will not let your figure look flat and monotonous, which is certainly important for obese women. The more original the bodice of the dress, the more restrained must be a skirt, that outfit didn’t look randomly sewn cloth.


Trapezoidal dress to the knee

новогоднее трапециевидное платье для полных женщинDresses trapezoidal silhouette some time ago have been unjustly forgotten, but with the return of retro fashion of the last century, they shone again on the runways and in fashion catalogs. For larger women that may show feet, it is one of best dresses for the holiday. The dress itself can have ¾ sleeves and a cut that meets all the requirements of cocktail dresses is a tough, up to the knee or slightly above, with round or square neckline.

Christmas trapezoidal dress is better to choose thick fabric and a uniform color. To him be sure to pick shoes with high heels to visually elongate the silhouette. From the decoration on the neck is quite possible to refuse, compensating his lack of beautiful high stacking, for example, in the same retro style with high beam or fleece, or to give the preference to flowing curls over her shoulders.

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