новогодние покупки косметикаPre-running the shops can be not only tedious, but enjoyable, especially when you do not have much to worry about gifts for loved ones, and you just need to choose something for yourself beloved. If you have Christmas shopping, cosmetics have become one of the mandatory items on your list for holiday shopping. Cosmetics that you can buy in this period should not only be functional, it must please you. Even if you have all that is necessary for the woman to care for you, do yourself a gift, buy something that will lift your spirits. Or create it in this hilarious hectic holiday.


More Shine

новогодние покупки косметикаThe period of new year holidays involves numerous social events, corporate parties, gatherings with friends, family, carnival parties, presentations. Yet when you allow yourself to Shine in the truest sense of the word, not as in this holiday? If you are in everyday life do not use cosmetic products with glitter, you can now afford to Shine brightly or moderately, in any case, it lights should be appropriate.

If you have problems with the eyelids, you can buy a nice shade with shimmering effect. Glitter or nail lips with a glamorous glossy Shine is a necessary thing in the bag during the holidays.

If you want to focus on the skin, which you have from nature beautiful and healthy, will help you blush or bronzer, which has as exquisite silk and sassy glow, highlighting the beautiful cheekbones.


Winter care

новогодние покупки косметикаWinter involves changing cosmetic products for daily skin care, so if you haven’t had time to update the set of tools you use every day, think about it. Revision requires not only a cream for daily use, but also decorative cosmetics. If you enjoyed moisturizing gel, winter should move to a more nutrient dense texture. Buy nourishing mask for individuals, shampoo and conditioner for hair. Refuse means for lips, which had been used since the summer. Buy a good protecting lip balm with SPF, if you buy a lipstick, prefer nutrient textures. The glosses leave the premises before the exit to the street refresh your coverage protection.

Mandatory part of the program of the winter care body care for hands and feet. Winter skin cracking from frost, wind, dries from artificial heating and suffers from constant temperature difference. Buy good nutritious series for hands, feet and body. Cleansing for the soul too, would do well to change, going from light refreshing gel on more nutritious cream-gels.


Bright changes

новогодние покупки косметикаChristmas parties are an opportunity not only to show off the dress in piatco or shimmering lip gloss. Perhaps you follow makeup trends, but do not risk to use them myself because I don’t see a reason. For the New year you should not be embarrassed of their own femininity, so try makeup in bright style that you can create with the help of bright lipstick and eye makeup in the style of Smokey known today or in the style of the 50s.

For luxurious lips will look at options from scarlet red to rich berry shades or fashionable pink, with a hint of retro from the eighties. For eye makeup you will need a set of shadow for three-dimensional makeup, lengthening or volume mascara curler effect (you can take the ink with the theatrical effect of the curved lashes and liquid liner or pencil-eyeliner. Pencil and ink is better to take water-resistant, and the liner – solid applicator for easier application, you might consider a felt liner.


Festive overindulgence

новогодние покупки косметикаWinter holidays – a time when you want magic and comfort. To maintain the festive atmosphere will help cosmetics with the effect of aromatherapy. You just look at the range of special brands that manufacture this kind of cosmetics, and you will definitely find a set with the aroma of fruit berries, holiday desserts and other sweets, traditional winter cinnamon, vanilla. Such makeup offers brand The Body Shop, L’occitane en Provence, Sweetland, Beauty Café from Faberlic, Aroma Ritual from Dermacol.

Do not get involved fragrant cosmetics, if you are prone to allergic reactions. Better look for another option cosmetic gift that will not only please you, but will be useful for daily use or evening out.


Update manicure

новогодние покупки косметикаIf experimenting with new makeup foreign to you, and you prefer to stick with the old set of rules, the most reasonable choice for the new year update of the image will become a new manicurefor which you will need a new nail Polish.

Cosmetic brands usually release a special limited collection of varnishes not only cosmetics, but also of nail Polish. Christmas varnishes are more daring shades, which you could not afford in everyday life. This can be a very dark rich gamma, classic palette of red or prints on the nails with a craquelure effect or super popular leopard or tiger picture.

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