пиколинат хрома для снижения веса

To use chromium for weight loss it is necessary and important for those who have the appearance of extra weight caused by the constant feeling of hunger, overeating and compulsive desire to eat something sweet. By the way, these are the main signs that your body lacks the substance. Also about that you can think with fatigue, apathy, depressed States. An important trace element regulates the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and blood sugar levels. In addition, chromium promotes collagen and minor muscle mass and improves the condition of skin, hair and nails.

The source of chromium is readily available for each food: legumes, liver, fish and seafood, potatoes, broccoli, apples. A lot of it in brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, nuts and prunes. All this can be safely attributed to diet food, but not all people recognize the relevance of adherence to a healthy diet permanently, voluntarily abandoning important substances, which contains quite balanced menu.

Help can come in medications, vitamins and supplements: “fat x”, “CHelsi Chrome”, “hromvital”, “Carnitine Plus Chrome”, “Regluar”, “Allicor-chrome” and other Such means they contain chromium picolinate. It is in combination with pikolinos acid this substance is used most often, because this combination is easier absorbed by the body.

пищевые добавки – источники хрома

How does the chrome on the weight reduction process

In the process of losing weight chromium has an impact in several directions, so it can be of great help in the normalization of body weight, as well as solving other problems. Quality making up for the deficiency of this substance with food products and additives:

  1. Stabilizes lipid metabolism, removes bad cholesterol and accumulate good.
  2. Promotes proper development of insulin, which leads to normalization of blood sugar levels.
  3. Helps the body to convert glucose into glycogen, when this condition improves muscle mass and decreases fat accumulation.
  4. Normalizes the thyroid gland. The lack of iodine able to replace. Malfunction of this organ often cause problems with excess weight but some people immediately begin unjustified use of hormonal drugs, which often leads to the opposite effect.
  5. Stimulates regeneration processes in the body, strengthens bone tissue. Prevents osteoporosis, which in a moment neprekrasny may become excessive weight loss.
  6. Facilitates the work of the liver, favors the elimination of toxins and cleanse the body.
  7. Diet with chromium picolinate are transferred much easier. Physical discomfort and irritation, frequent companions, are minimized, and this is gratifying.

How to properly and safely take chromium for weight loss?

Chromium picolinate is in the form of capsules, tablets, suspensions and drops. Regardless of the form of the daily dosage of the substance is 200 mcg, Pets 400 mcg, but no more. Take a Supplement should while eating 1-2 times a day with water. A drop in the amount of 10-20 pieces, you need to drop under the tongue, hold it in your mouth and swallow. Liquid forms of chromium can be added to various drinks. Best time for intake – morning. Continuous duration is 25-30 days.

The use of chromium is only auxiliary and temporary means to reduce weight. It helps to reduce appetite, but many doctors agree that it works only when taking the drug. The package ends, and everything is back to normal, including rolls of candy. Therefore, to achieve the goals need to try and be able to accustom the body to a healthy lifestyle.

Moderately nutritious, balanced diet, refusal of fatty and sugary foods is the most important element in the fight against excess weight. Physical activity, even if minimal, but with a tendency to increase in intensity, not just desirable but necessary. Drugs, containing chromium, give a cheerful mood, dulls hunger and eliminates the feeling of lethargy, is designed to help you incorporate these habits into your life.

Supplementation with chromium picolinate, have virtually no side effects. Very rarely are dizziness, nausea, flatulence, vomiting. But rather, it is associated with overdose. When increasing the recommended duration of the admission of such additives can be allergic reactions, skin itching, dermatitis. Contraindications to the use of artificial sources of nutrients are:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • individual intolerance to the components of dietary supplements;
  • kidney and liver failure.


Galina, 54 years old. Overweight and hypertension. The doctor diagnosed the condition of prediabetes, advised to take “Allicor-chrome” and stick to the diet. Within two weeks, the pressure is normalized, passed weakness, sleep has improved. Dietary restrictions were previously difficult, and now and decreased appetite, and not tormented by thirst.

Olga, 27 years. Bought expensive capsules with chromium picolinate famous brand of sports nutrition, and only then learned that you can find analogues in a completely ridiculous price. Next time I will be smarter, because Supplement really helped. First, take 2 capsules a day, and then began only in those cases when you really want sweet. Half an hour later the desire to eat a chocolate bar completely disappears! While finished off the jar, dropped 5 kg, the result is very pleasing.

Anna, 32 years. Bought the chrome in the droplets. The taste is sweet, not to drink nasty, but good qualities end. Cut 10 days 20 drops, appetite was as before – brutal, sweet continued to pull. Though small money 150 rubles, but they were spent in vain.


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