круги под глазамиCircles under eyes is a common defect, from which women are struggling to get rid of. It is possible for a short time, others are struggling with the problem for a long time, but either in vain or with varying degrees of success. Sometimes the circles disappear after a course of cosmetic procedures, but once they stop they come back again. Then the question arises: is it possible to cope with circles under the eyes or with them have your whole life to live and mask, wasting precious minutes in the morning, time bruises proofreader?


Causes of under eye circles

  • Genetics. With genetics to fight hard, sometimes not necessary, sometimes it is impossible. For some circles – it is a sad manifestation of hereditary factor. Often circles under the eyes dark brown colours are the dark-skinned girls South type of appearance. In this case almost always have to come up with a way to mask the circles, because beauty can only give short-term results or not give it at all.
  • Anatomical feature. If the skin around the eyes is dry and thin, and the blood vessels are close, there is nothing surprising in the fact that it manifests itself expressive dark circles under the eyes, which become more visible during stress, lack of sleep, improper or inadequate skin care. With this feature fight is difficult, but possible. Enough to buy cosmetics aimed at strengthening the skin around the eyes, to ensure that measures the narrowing of blood vessels and masking the tonal resources.
круги под глазами Bren New York

Bren New York

  • Unhealthy lifestyle. Leading systematically unhealthy lifestyle and due to harmful habits (alcohol, Smoking), it is easy to ruin even a good natural data. If you are constantly deprived of sleep, rarely outdoors, spend a lot of time in front of the computer, smoke, prone to stress, moreover, like to party, after which go to bed right makeup, sooner or later you will most likely see the circles under your eyes. And the older you get, the more likely. To get out of this vicious circle is not easy, but if you gradually eliminate all bad habits, to ensure the skin complete care, then there are chances for getting rid of tortured tired eyes with shadows and bags under the eyes.
  • Somatic diseases. If the circles under my eyes appeared suddenly, this could be an alarming symptom of the disease of internal organs. So can make itself felt diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and urogenital system. If this is your case, please pay attention to your health and be sure to check your liver, kidneys, gall bladder and thyroid gland.
  • Dramatically obrazovalsya circles under the eyes can cause weight loss. When the face is much thinner, the skin becomes thin layer of fat is greatly reduced, and under the eyes are formed characteristic of depression, which wasn’t there before. It often happens after a dramatic weight loss, for example, failure of metabolism, after a long stress, slimming shock on a diet with very low nutrient content. In this case, you need to think not only about how to remove under eye circles, and to restore swayed health of the whole organism, in parallel using cosmetics eyeshadow.
  • Ultraviolet light has a negative impact on the state of the vessels, and if you are fond of sunbathing, don’t be surprised the appearance of circles under the eyes after a while. To prevent them, always in the sun protect eyes by using creams with SPFи sunglasses.


Cosmetology to help

круги под глазами Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville

For quick removal of the circles under the eyes immediately seek the help of a beautician. Currently cosmetology offers several methods of combating dark circles under the eyes. The specialist will advise what way can get rid of the circles based on your data – it can be either injection or hardware methods, and massage.

Mesotherapy – introduction under the skin vitamin cocktails with content strictly selected to solve a particular problem substances is a technique that can help to solve the problem of under-eye circles, but for a short time. Beauticians claim that the effectiveness of mesotherapy for circles under the eyes lasts about two months. The skin in problem areas is introduced a mixture of chemicals that saturate the skin with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, strengthening it, compacting, making the blood vessels are less visible.

If you are against “injections of beauty”, can apply for the course of lymphatic drainage massage. It normalizes the circulation, so that evens out skin tone, and circles under the eyes can also lighten, but only if their appearance has become a cause of impaired circulation.

The introduction of fillers that are used in contouring, is widely used in cosmetology to quickly and efficiently remove the circles under your eyes. Very good help fillers with a combination of circles and hollows that look particularly unattractive. The filler fills this space and becomes a kind of wall between the surface of the skin and vascular net, so the circles disappear. Shows whether this method is right for you – take the cosmetologist.


Cosmetics against circles under eyes

круги под глазами Dermactin-TS


On the modern market of cosmetics rather creams, masks and serums, whose producers promise or fast or gradual the getting rid of circles under eyes. To them, of course, you can and should use, but don’t be surprised if even the expensive tools do not help. Then you will have to seek more efficient methods to check health and to create all the conditions to get rid of circles under eyes the proper way of life.

Cosmetics from bruising under the eyes:

  • cream complex impact Miracle Eyes Dark Circles Cream (Bren New York);
  • adjustment means Cyto Cell Dark Circle Corrective Eye Cream (Kate Somerville);
  • cream with brush for applying Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Eye Cream Line and Dark Circle gold, moor mud Brush;
  • natural cream with aloe Vera extract Dark Circle Eye Cream (Miracle of Aloe);
  • cream concentrate from dark circles Dark Circle Concentrated Eye Cream (Dermactin-TS);
  • cream based on vegetable components Under Eye Cream (Himalaya);
  • concealer dark circles under my eyes Even Better Eyes (Clinique).

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