классический макияжUnder the classic always refers to traditions that are time tested and proven their right to exist. Classical music and literature definitions of more than understandable, as, however, and style in clothes, embodies femininity, or Vice – masculinity created using the standard kit. But what is a classic make-up? It changes depending on the age of professional activity or event.


Casual or business makeup

Business women, who value professional reputation, and know just how bright and inappropriate makeup can spoil the impression, choose the classic ways to emphasize their natural data. So did many women and outside working time, not counting the necessary brightly painted on weekdays without a special occasion.

Classic natural makeup implies correction of skin tone with camouflage flaws. Bruises under eyes are fixed консилером with yellow shade, fine wrinkles – tone fluid with reflective particles. Radiance tone should be very moderate, at work or while studying radiance to anything, it is suitable only for holiday release.

Eyeshadow color – grey, shades of brown, olive green, grey-brown, matte texture, you can select compact eyeshadow with exquisite silk luster. Liquid shadows, creamy, roller better left for another occasion. In the office resistance makeup is very important. Expressiveness of view will give the three-dimensionality of eye makeup, where the darkest shade is the lashes from the outer corner. This area can bring low-fat pencil or slightly designate Matt shadows.

Lips are underlined natural shades close to your natural lip color, without a glossy or pearl glow. From blush you can refuse or barely touch the cheekbones peach color of the compact set.


Nude classics

Makeup style nude long since become classics, it is suitable to young girls, it is good to do in the hot season, without overloading the face color, you can wear it in the evening – he looks very sexy.

Classic make-up style nude performed with the help of light-brown palette, with the inclusion of pearl or light-pink shade. The presence of lights or full matte depends on the case. In summer, you can give a person lights, winter or to create a restrained style is better to stay on the Mat «nakedness» of a person.

Lack of visibility makeup demands a perfect face and healthy complexion. The skin is necessary to pre-process peeling, then apply moisturizing cream foundations. If there is a acne, redness, their need to cover and feather light proofreader, then apply the concealer or fluid. For giving to the person sculpturesqueness which is always advantageous to look at nude-style, use хайлайтером and бронзирующей powder, brightening the forehead, the nose, the area under the eyes and dimming zone under the cheekbones, under the chin and, if necessary, on the contour of the face.

Shadows and pencil brown shades, in the inner corner of the eye can put a little white pearl glow. All paths should be carefully feathered, so the texture is preferable soft, you can take a creamy shade.

Lips are underlined delicate sheen, beige, cream-rose, caramel color. To enhance the effect of innocence and touching lips can be left without makeup, lightly walking on a path tone means or imposing only transparent Shine in the middle.


Classic evening make – dramatic retro-cat’s opinion

Retro-style smoky eye makeup classic versions of the evening makeup. They are equally expressive, but have a completely different messages. When smoky eyes lips remain almost intact in color, then as a classic retro style of the fifties is unthinkable without the intense red lipstick.

If you want to be highlighted in your eyes, then your choice is smoky eyes. After the imposition of tone means for the person and put on the eyelids thin layer of primer and allow it to fully absorb. Lightly powder eyelids and apply the lightest shades on all mobile eyelid, blend well. Take a shade darker and put on the lid, leaving a free area of the inner corner, shading toward temples. Take the darkest colour and put it closer to the contour of the outer corner of the eyes on the upper and lower eyelids, shading a finger. Pencil you can not use. As the last step, cover eyelash extension ink in a single layer. Lips emphasize natural lipstick.

Retro makeup in the style of the fifties is a red mouth and broad arrow. The most effectively arrows look, if carried out liquid liner or a special marker, is emphasized only the upper eyelid equal line from the inner corner to the outside, a little going for the eye area with a continuation of the line one inch to the side and slightly up. Eyelashes can be a little tweak tongs and cover the extension of ink. Lip perfect red lacquer lipstick with a satin sheen, and to mesmerize the image – gloss, rich pigments.

Unlike previous versions natural make-up, evening implies greater color saturation, placing emphasis drawing attention either to the lips or eyes. In both cases, the skin tone is better to leave the Mat so as not to overload the image of the active colors together brilliantly. Also should make sure that the tone was perfectly smooth without any signs of redness or pigment spots. And smoky, and retro makeup can do without a blush.

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