French manicure appeared in the seventies of the last century, and since then did not cease to be relevant. However, if initially, it existed only in one of its shape, the classic (nail plate is covered with varnish natural, contrasting with the white tip of the nail), modernity brought into this kind of manicure new trends.
Классика остается актуальной: френч-маникюр1
Now the great popularity has received French in unusual colors. The image of a bright, confident woman will emphasize the use of a manicure lacquer black. The black lacquer can be painted as the nail plate and the free part of the nail. You can experiment with the texture of coat. In this case, is set off by matte black lacquer coating of the same color, but in the glossies.

Less glamorous and the caller will be black lacquer caused by a fine figure on top of the standard performance French manicure. Such variant design of nails good that can be appropriate for a business meeting, and on the subsequent behind it of the Banquet.

Bright colors in the French manicure now also relevant. Instead of white tip of the nail can be painted in red, blue, yellow, purple… not necessarily be limited to the simple semicircle. Your nails can decorate geometric shapes, abstraction, kitties, bows and other images.

For the new year’s celebration of the great nails with the French manicure, decorated with rhinestones and sequins, matching the colour of the weekend attire.
Классика остается актуальной: френч-маникюр3
The charm of French – its compatibility with nails of any length and shape: short and long, pointed and oval, rectangular, and similar to the claws. Of course, do not leave without attention the overall condition of the skin. Spectacular manicure should underline a beautiful healthy handle, and not create a contrast with the weather-beaten skin and rework. Therefore, if you are not sure that you can cope with the task of decent design of nails yourself, is preferable to go to a good specialist who can help you transform.

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