Чистка сосудов от холестерина

High cholesterol is a warning signal that should make any reasonable person to think seriously about their health, to review lifestyle and nutrition. The last factor depends very much, in particular the successful treatment of disease. How is the cleaning of vessels from cholesterol in the home and how it is an effective measure compared to taking medication?

To begin, consider the indicators that may indicate the presence of threats to collide with other unpleasant and dangerous consequences of impaired metabolism of cholesterol in the body. According to a respected Western organization of the European society of atherosclerosis normal level of fat fractions in the body you should consider the following quantities:

  • total cholesterol – less than 5.2 mmol/l;
  • cholesterol low-density lipoprotein less than 3-3,5 mmol/l;
  • cholesterol high density lipoprotein – more than 1.0 mmol/l;
  • triglycerides – less than 2.0 mmol/L.

Learn their individual settings will help you with laboratory studies. Therefore, a visit to the doctor is an essential step concerns about their health and the first step to proper cleansing of the body from cholesterol. The program of home activities should be integrated, and what can you get into it.

Rationalization of power

The first paragraph of how to lower cholesterol without medication, there is the refusal from those foods which increase the level of harmful substances in the body. The development of plaque contribute to animal fats, so mercilessly eliminate from your diet dishes of bacon, pork, geese, duck meat, liver, kidney and other meat subproducts. The number of boiled eggs should not exceed 2-3 per week.

To reduce, but not remove from menu at all, should the butter, sour cream, cream, whole milk, cheese. It is not enough just to abandon the “bad” food. During the purification of the vessels from cholesterol you want the body regularly and in sufficient quantity received foods rich in monounsaturated fats, omega – polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber and pectin. With the inclusion of such items in their treatment menu, you will be able to arrange sufficient and delicious food.

Below are the products that shows the cholesterol from the body and supports the normal level of his “good” part:

  • fatty fish (mackerel, tuna etc). The use of 100 g of marine fish twice a week will help to maintain the blood in a liquefied condition, and will prevent the formation of blood clots;
  • nuts - the food is quite oily, but these fats are just useful during cleaning of vessels from cholesterol. Preference should be given, not fried with salt pistachios and walnuts and pine nuts, almonds, cashews. To increase the level of “good” cholesterol also helps the seeds of flax, sunflower, sesame and vegetable oils based on them. Your rate of 30 grams of nuts per day.
  • vegetable cellulose, which is in abundance found in whole grains, bran, herbs, vegetables, fruits, legumes. You can buy a ready-made mixture, for example, “Siberian cellulose”, which will help compensate for the lack of this important for cleansing the body from cholesterol substances. Take on an empty stomach 2-3 tablespoons of product and chase it down with plenty of liquid. You can add bran and fiber in cereal or milk drinks;
  • green tea - known and readily available product that displays the cholesterol from the body. Buy quality, not bagged leaves, which are not added flavorings.

Folk remedies and recipes

How to cleanse the blood vessels and the body from cholesterol with the help of traditional medicine? Methods there are many, and all of them are time-tested. However, remember that each recipe has its own contraindications, ranging from individual intolerance of components to existing patient of chronic diseases.

Option 1. Some of the popular products that outputs cholesterol is fruits and vegetables, which are a valuable source of fiber. But in this case we will not eat, and to cocotherapy. Especially in our situation useful orange, beet, grapefruit, Apple, carrot and pineapple juices. Drinks should be fresh. Sugar is not added. Pets diluted with water. Caution this product should be used for those who suffer from gastritis, gastric ulcer and has problems with the liver.

Свежевыжатые соки выводят холестерин из организма

Fresh juices remove cholesterol from the body

Option 2. Effective Linden blossom dry, ground in a coffee grinder to a flour and used three times a day for 1 tsp and washed down with water. Such cleaning of vessels from cholesterol lasts a month, which is a two-week break. The course ends with a one month of receiving lime flour.

Option 3. For this recipe, compatible together several products, beautifully reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Prepare a mixture of dried fruits and citrus, taking equal amounts of lemon, honey, dried apricots, raisins and walnuts. Everything is cut, blended, passed through a meat grinder and filled with natural honey. The mass stored in the refrigerator. The daily dosage of this delicious medications equals 1 tablespoon, which is taken 30 minutes before a meal.

Option 4. What other bee products remove cholesterol? Propolis! Take 4 % tincture (or bring the tool to the desired concentration by yourself) and accept for the purposes of purification of the vessels three times a day for half an hour before meals for 7 drops that dissolve in 30 ml of water. The rate of cleaning is 4 months.

Option 5. Celery, which is highly valued in the environment thinner, and will help when cleaning blood vessels from cholesterol. For this purpose, the stalks of the plant dip in boiling water for just a few minutes. Now remove the product, sprinkle it with olive oil, sprinkle lightly with sesame seed and add a little sugar. Perfect for morning, daytime or evening meal for a period of detox.


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