одежда в морском стилеMarine style in clothes inspired by the various Maritime professions and sport activities (sailing, fishing). A garments professional origin was later adapted to the consumer, so there were clothes in marine style.


The appearance is fashionable marine style

Marine style in clothes, opened all the famous Coco Chanel. It is 30 years allowed himself to walk around on the beach in knit pants and a sailor suit. After this marine style began to spread widely around the world.

Modern designers continue to use in their collections elements of a nautical theme. This gives you the opportunity to obtain a vivid combination of images.

The jacket or the shirt can be worn under a coat or instead of triggers, such as a sweater in a marine style.

As for the pants, you can choose straight or loose pants made from sustainable and raw tissue. It can also be long or short chinos. Modern naval style means wearing not only pants with a flared hem, but also classical, straight and tapered pants. As for color, it can be absolutely diverse. But most certainly meets the blue, red and black colors.

From hats popular captain’s hat. You can complement your look with scarves, boater, and so on.

For clothes decoration in marine style designers use the elements of the nautical theme: anchors, different prints.

Vest all became a style icon. Traditional white, blue, stripes this season diluted with fresh flowers, such as red, green, yellow, emerald. As for classic bands, they can be both broad and narrow, straight or oblique.



Shoes, too, remains a Maritime style. It can be represented in the corresponding colors, decorated with marine accessories and elements. The main requirement for such shoes is convenience. The ideal option will be the loafers, ballet flats, boat shoes or loafers, and shoes with heels or platform.



Clothes in a marine style is suitable for the whole family. Unlike women’s clothing, men’s looks are fairly conservative. As a rule, t-shirts or polos in white and blue tones adding red. Blends blazer, white canvas pants, and of course, a captain’s hat.


For children

Marine style in clothes for children as it is not different from the adult. This is a different sweater and striped t-shirts, hats and berets in beret. For girls, designers offer dresses, tunics, skirts with marine symbols. Classic colors for baby things is distinguished by its fun prints in the form of anchors, sea creatures, seagulls, and so on. In addition, for girls you can pick up tights appropriate marine style colors, red, white and blue.

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