With the onset of the long-awaited and cold winter, the women begin to dress warmer and warmer. Warm tights, bulky coats, scarves, hats … Then they are surprised, looking in the mirror, as of the Princess in Kolobok then turned into?! The choice of winter clothing better the main thing is not to overdo it.

For the beginning it is necessary to define fashion. As a rule, fashionable clothing is expensive, but you can and save. For example: wholesale clothing much cheaper. Ordered or bought for the whole family and paid less profitable after all. First, buy hats. Cap must be comfortable, fashionable and beautiful. Fashion 2014 dictates its own. In fashion now knitted hats! They are warm, practical and not bulky. The designers were able to transform the usual woolly hats drastically: added dumplings, unusual ornaments, pictures, brooches, rhinestones. They even managed to change the forms of the caps.
Одежда зимой: колобок или принцесса1
The extraordinary cap be sure to pick a lush scarf. Not necessarily scarf and hat should be of a suitable color. In fashion hats bedding and classic colors; scarves Vice versa – the bright and stylish. Emphasize individuality and your beauty, long and massive scarf. It is desirable for the winter to buy long and warm scarf to protect from the cold and wind.

Modern jackets and coats are aimed at emphasizing the graceful form of that woman, so in a bun, you will not become. Sufficiently emphasize the waist strap. Band color and hats can be the same, so you will look glamorous and stylish.

A fur coat is better to choose in a trapezoid shape with short sleeves. Fur never come down from the Olympus fashion, they are always on top. Only change the model. Last squeak – outerwear with short sleeves. Color pick and choose according to your taste.

To this garment will need long gloves. They will keep your hands warm, and will give you a mystery. Long gloves look advantageous and beautiful.
Одежда зимой: колобок или принцесса
And finally, it underwear. Better insulate itself from the inside than to wear a jacket for a jacket. Warm underwear will not be noticeable under your clothes, but the silhouette of the store. And my health will save, because there are no frosts you are not afraid!

Article publication date: December 3, 2013

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