одежда викторианских женщинIn a world where every day wear jeans and t-shirts, it is difficult to imagine all the intricacies of service Victorian women. Many factors have value for fashion style that time, including modesty, cleanliness and practicality.

In the beginning of the Victorian era all the clothes sewed manually. For this reason, the dresses were expensive, and only the rich could afford a large closet. Those less fortunate, wore clothes from second-hand, or sewed her own. After the invention of the sewing machine in 1851 this industry began to change. Sew clothes was not only cheaper, it gained mass production, and by the end of the century, ready-made dresses were publicly available in stores. However, wealthy people continued to sew clothes to order, and aerobatics shopping was a trip to Paris for the creations of famous fashion designer of Charles worth.

Victorian woman is not just a piece dress on top of the combination and panties. To achieve the ideal of fashionable paintings, had to wear many layers of clothing.

These stages are little changed in the nineteenth century after the invention of the crinoline in 1856. Form crinoline changed, and, finally, become heavier in the rear. Corset also underwent many changes, but the core subjects underwear remained unchanged for decades.


First layer-the base

одежда викторианских женщинStockings were up just above the knee. Usually in the afternoon wore black stockings and white or color in the evening. They kept using the garter. By the end of the century garter began to attach to corset. Panties of cotton was worn over stocking. Panties were designed in the form of two запахивающихся criss-cross the legs (one for each leg), and the stepping seam remained open for hygienic purposes. Shirt sleeveless knee-length, the base linen layer.


The second layer – the form and functionality

одежда викторианских женщинCorset, fortified steel wire whale mustache, worn at the waist, women, and supported her bust. He fastened the front, but with the help of long laces on the back you can adjust the tightness of the corset. Women delayed them tighter to get a thin waist, sometimes ten centimetres shorter natural. By the end of the century corsets had built-in «improvers bust», and ended with much below the waist, to give shape to the hips. Crinoline represented the broad petticoat on thin steel hoops, which supported the upper skirt. Crinoline, formed, that it was possible to sit, as well as facilities for storage, but gave skirt perfect shape of a bell. This is a simple adaptation replaced five or six petticoats that women had to wear, to achieve the same effect, and its diameter is reached 180 centimeters.


The third layer is the practicality

Over wore a corset bodice. He defended the skin of a woman from his dress, and her expensive outfit – from sweat and grease. Crinoline bedspreads simple underskirt, protecting the upper skirt from steel hoops, and helping clothes smoothly lie on crinoline. On this lower skirt was put more intricate, embroidered underskirt, whiling away was visible when the top hem of the skirt rose.


The fourth layer – dress

Finally, it’s time to wear a dress. A decent woman during the day wore with the high collar and long sleeves. For dinner neckline dress became deeper, and to balls wore a dress with one open shoulder, where instead of the sleeve was strapless, and neckline dress was revealing enough. In order to save skirts and bodices often can be changed, and the woman could create a new image, without buying a new dress.


The fifth layer – accessories

одежда викторианских женщинVictorian woman never leaving home without gloves and hats. Over the years, fashions changed, but a hat, and gloves were always present in the wardrobe. Boots on thick sole were completing the outfit for Hiking and for balls were designed shoes from goat skin thin soles. Often those shoes are worn out by the end of the ball, as the sole was very thin. Leaving the house, the woman накидывала themselves shawl or a cloak, and carried an umbrella, defending her skin from the sun. The image of the completed reticule, or a handbag. In it a woman wearing perfume, handkerchief or a fan.

Because the dresses were so expensive, women did everything possible to protect them. Decorative lower sleeve height just above the elbow wore under-sleeved dresses, to protect their territory. Bodices pretty dresses, under which were not wear a shirt from the bottom подшивались cloth to protect tissue from sweat and stains. The hem of recreational dresses were sewed frills. Back they were longer hem, and gathered the mire, and replace them was much easier than changing all the expensive skirt.

For dresses carefully looked after, and because of this, many dresses of the Victorian era is still preserved, and can be found in museums and antique shops, as well as in private collections.

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